What kind of boat is this please?

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by Always_a_Civvy, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. This is a picture I took in St.Petersburg, Russia in August 2005. Can someone tell me something about it... yes I know its a boat... :oops:


    Apologies for the reflections, but I photographed it through my cabin porthole (on holiday). It's better than anything I ever photographed during Hornbeam!
  2. looks like its a Black,Russian sub to me.And a tad stern low too.
  3. Yankee class perhaps?
  4. No, definately Russian!
  5. Looks a little dodgy to me. Wouldn't fancy going to sea in it.

    What's with the eye (look closely)? Don't they have Sonar? :roll:

  6. It is a Kilo.
  7. It weighs a hell of a lot more than that mate. :?

  8. Black Russian! :roll: That's a cigarette popular in the 60's
    Yankee! :roll: You put one of those on at the bookies
    Kilo! :roll: is worth 2.2lbs in real money!

    Read the question first! :lol:

    Bloody hell! I know now that the country is in deep she-ite :cry: when it takes a former Royal to tell you that it is ...... It is ...... wait for it ...... a Submarine! :twisted:

    Kerist! :)

  9. It could be the Submarine Seaview from voyage to the bottom of the sea.
    The shiny front bit could be the window that opens :lol:
  10. and it is called "St Petersburg". It is nearing completion of build there. See link : http://www.oakhamgraphics.com/spb_2006/Kilo_Sankt-Peterburg.html
  11. Thanks Nigaramus.

    I can't believe it! The ship I was on (Black Watch - Fred Olsen Lines) was literally moored opposite this boat for two nights! I can't believe that we were moored overlooking their Admiralty Dockyard. How things have changed since Soviet times! 8O It WAS a lovely sight though... :D
  12. Yep Its a Kilo class DE boat , A few have been sold to Iran . Not a bad bit of kit in the right hands of course.
  13. The photo posted is a kilo ,the one in the link is a lada[​IMG]
    If you look carefully it has planes on the fin
  14. Ohhh how I miss the SSKs!!

    Alass, this is not one!
  15. How right you are, and me an ex recognition instructor too. The fact it is floating sort of level might have been a hint as well.

  16. Always wrote: I can't believe it! The ship I was on (Black Watch - Fred Olsen Lines) was literally moored opposite this boat for two nights! I can't believe that we were moored overlooking their Admiralty Dockyard. How things have changed since Soviet times! It WAS a lovely sight though...

    Yes mate. Not that long ago you would have been taken away and dropped into some Gulag for twenty years without trial just for taking the photo. I can remember being on a visit to xxxxxx in HMS xxxxxxxx and the intel boys were taking phots from strategic / hidden places around the ship. Not surprisingly, so were the Russians.

  17. When I visited East Berlin by train in the 80s I made the mistake of photographing the border guards on my return journey. They entered the compartment I was in, opened my camera and exposed the film to the light before confiscating it - with all my day's holiday snaps on it! I was not a happy bunny! :( At least they didn't confiscate the camera (a Praktika L2 with Tessar lens!).
  18. I think you will find the lada class is an ssk!

    Nоn-nuclear submarines of 677 project belong to the 4th generation of non-nuclear submarines. The submarines of this project by its technical characteristics and by the strength of all their qualities are unique in the world. In the course of creation of the lead submarine of 677 project - "Saint-Petersburg" – the specialists of Russian science and industry carried out more than 130 large-scale research and R&D works thus permitting to create the prototypes of up-to-date equipment. As a result of these works a new co-operative system of Russian industrial and scientific enterprises has been created providing the creation of the submarines of the new generation.

    Submarine tactical-technical parameters provide for the efficient destruction of submerged and surface targets including striking salvo missile blows. The submarine is equipped with radio-electronic weapons of the new generation, electric propulsion motor on permanent magnets, storage battery with increased service life and new efficient anti-sonar coating of the ship’s hull. The submarine is equipped with the integrated system for automated control of the ship, its combat and technical facilities. The sonar system includes highly-sensitive passive sonar antenna which area is several times larger in comparison with antenna area of the submarines of the previous generations. The inertial navigation system of the ship provides for the safe navigation and use of missiles when the submarine stays in submerged condition for a long time. All the masts except the attack periscope are of non-penetrating type.

    The length of non-nuclear submarine of 677 project is around 67 m, breadth - 7 m, draught – 6,5 m. The submarine has 6 torpedo tubes and is capable of carrying up to 18 pieces of ammunition including new torpedoes and tube-launched cruise missiles. The submarine endurance is 45 days. Its maximum speed is more than 20 knots.

    The non-nuclear submarines of 677 project can operate all over the globe except areas with solid ice cover.

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