What jobs are suitable for Arts Graduates?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Blackberry, Oct 15, 2010.

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  1. Hi guys,

    I'm thinking of joining the Royal Navy after I graduate in Graphic Design. I'm just wondering what jobs are on offer or suitable with this degree?


  2. Hi Blackberry!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    There are some from which you would be excluded, as they require specific degrees. I'm thinking at Officer Level of the various jobs to do with engineering ie AEO MEO WEO. Subtract those (and Medical Officer) and the rest is pretty much open. You can join as either a Rating or Officer, as long as you have the GCSEs and 180 UCAS points required for the latter.

    When do you graduate?

    How old are you?

    What are your A Levels in?
  3. Or Dominoes. You get the chance to travel. Even if it is on a moped.
  4. I graduate this July coming. I'm 23. I've got ICT (AVCE) and Product Design and Fine Art (A Levels) lol but I'm highly considering to join because I feel I may be bored in a years time, I'm after a challenging career :)
  5. A challenging career?

    Try being a shepherd in Coventry. :D :twisted:
  6. One thing I must tell you is that there are waiting lists for Rating jobs now - a minimum of 18 months. Minimum.

    What grades did you get for these A Levels?

    Do you have 5 GCSEs at grades A-C inc English and Maths?

    By the way, what are the first two letters/numbers of your postcode? Sounds like a weird question, but it's just a way of finding a local RN Careers Advisor for you to talk to if you want to take it further.

    Re joining as an Officer, the individual stages of the application can be done throughout this academic year, bit by bit.
  7. Ships Painter....mostly in gray
  8. Boats painter on patrol would be more challenging :roll:
  9. Lol painter on patrol xD

    I got C for ICT and Fine Art and D for Product Design.

    I've got 5 GCSEs but I haven't got my Maths and Science x( But I'm thinking of retaking my maths next year.

    I live in bolton. Is there a requirement for degree classifications?

  10. No, there isn't a requirement for degree classification, although, if it went to the wire at the AIB and you and another candidate were neck and neck, if you had a very good degree, it would be noticed.

    The specific requirement is for the UCAS Points. You need 180. Here are the tables used for their calculation - do you have 180 UCAS Points?:


    You will need Maths and English at GCSE, so you do need to think about the Maths.

    The Royal Navy Careers Advisors in the North-West are in Liverpool, Preston, St Helen's and Manchester.

    Manchester looks best for you.
  11. See, this is why I admire soleil; un-ruffled by the banter flying around her, always offering sage advice.

    Anyway, perhaps with a Fine Art qualification you could do the colouring in on our charts?
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  12. No but you deserve a medal and sympathy of course. :?
    How many languages do you speak?
  13. That's quite funny Royal!
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Just to confirm, qualifications with regard residency, providing you have an 'indefinite leave to remain' stamp in your passport, are not required.

    As Soleil has stated, provided you tick the boxes with regard GCSE's & UCAS points, together with achieving a random degree your starting pay, rather scarily, can be as much as £29,587 as a Warfare or Logistics Officer if successful.

    Without the "bits & bobs" needed in addition to a degree, your starting pay as a Rating will be £13,645
  15. Is it me, or have a lot of people here missed the point..? The thread title mentions Arts degree, but he says he did graphic design, and everyone carried on with the painting/mickey mouse degree jokes.

    An arts degree doesn't necassarily mean 'Art', it comes from a more classical use of the term. I did a history degree and that is a Bachelor of Arts.
  16. No! A lot of people on here seem to have GOT the point. :)
    If you have failed to pass the sense of humour test, I would suggest that your near neighbour, Rumrat :twisted: might be able to help you. :lol:

  17. Don't worry I see the humour, I didn't mean to sound caustic in my counter reply. I was merely stating.

    It just grates when you have a history degree and people lump you in with media-studies type people :pissedoff:

    Nobody was doing that here, I was just doing my bit for BAs.
  18. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    What, nothing? I remember seeing a sign at Birmingham Uni many years ago that said "BA Degrees, please take one" - if I remember rightly it was in the gents bathroom, just above a toilet roll holder somewhere in the Engineering Dept. :)

    And before you get on your high horse, yes I do recognise that there is value in some BA degrees, I also know that there are useless BSc degrees too. Its just that, from the perspective of a scientist/engineer, most of the Mickey Mouse type qualifications have a designation as an Arts degree.
  19. I feel the same about other BAs too, I just don't like being lumped with them.

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