what job in the Navy???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by codisgood, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Hello guys, I have recently looked into joining the Royal Navy, I have applied for permission to apply at my local forces career centre as I am ex Army so they need to get med docs etc.

    I have not had much luck gaining info as to jobs in the navy I was initially spoken to about Officer positions but being 27 have been told all that is open to me in logistics officer and don’t really fancy that.

    I am hoping to get some info from you guys! I am keen to look at technical roles and am looking for a long term career with good promotion prospects and commission potential.

    I know nothing about the jobs available and can only base what I want to do on the army role signals and IT technician.

    someone please recruit me!!!
  2. Hi mate, I am also ex Army (Tanks) going through the process (at permission for med docs, etc stage).

    I went for Seaman Spec as I wanted "hands-on" and be able to crew close protection guns and drive Sea Boats (Ribs).

    I was Class One Sigs and Medical in the Army, however I did not fancy the Medical route again and I have done more than enough of sitting behind a screen with a headset on!

    Dont worry about being 27, I am 35!
  3. If you're for real then, you need to go back to the AFCO.

    If you really think you have the potential for officer then you need to sort out your spelling.

    The best source of information is the website for the RN at


    This has all the info on all the different careers in the RN.


    Neil - supermario

  4. I'm sure Ninja will be able to supply you with up to date info on the branches.

    but as Neil said above speak to the AFCO.

    I'm not totally sure of new branches these days. But irrc CIS covers IT and stuff like that
  5. I am for real, and my apologies but my spelling is awful! will spell check next time, Problem with officer is that I do not have the UCAS points, as have only got professional financial qualification. I feel rating is the way forward but want the possibility of commission at a later date as I am hoping for as long a career as possible.

    I have looked into the different roles but have not found the info i am looking for, In short I am looking for the rating role that is deemed the best and most respected, and is technical role all I have been advised on is the communication tech but and a bit dubious that it is more analytical that technical.
  6. glad to see I am not the only person making the decision to get back in to a different service, I spent 5 years in the regs as an RMP and a clerk I have been out 5 years, Am now the TA infantry.
  7. RMP.... no comment :munky2: :thumright:

    10 years in myself, 8 out.
  8. lol RMP bad bad bad, i always have mental fight over if i should tell people.
  9. codisgood

    There are engineering jobs such as -

    Air Engineering Technician,Engineering Technician (Marine) and Engineering Technician (weapons).

    If your wanting a hands on, technical role you cant go wrong with these plus later on in your career you can always get your papers raised (apply for commission)

  10. ok sounds good I will take a look, do any trades come with rank after training?
  11. What do you think it is..... RMP! :money:
  12. we werent the only ones lol signals and reme tech's
  13. Fcuk technical, an enjoyable varied career with good promotion prospects and a high percentage of SUY? Aircraft Controller, end of.
  14. I had heard comms tech's are the best trained and most highly qualified, with the best promotion prospects and most late entry commissions?
  15. I am yet to meet an SUY CT. Although I'm sure there are some out there. As stated in a previous thread, we have Leading hands with just 5 years service who have multiple gongs, qualified for PO with CW candidature status. Can the Comms Tech branch be referred to as a Technical trade? I'm sure a CT can enlighten us, I don't know enough about it to comment, but it's true their promotion is good. Your AFCO will have more detailed statistics.
  16. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Try the RN website, link below. Good luck in your aspirations, Lofty.
  17. Hi again,

    Comms Tech (CT) is a very academic bias job. Your main task is to analyse information and inform the command about potential threats to the force. Yes there are chances for you to get promotion quickly and also the potential for a commission. If you go to the AFCO they will be able to tell you far more about the job.

    If you want hands on with communications equipment, ie using computer, transmitter and receivers etc then the CIS (Warfare Communicator) is the job.

    If you want to maintain comms equipment then you need to join as an Engineering Technician (Weapons Engineer). They look after all electrical equipment and have the potential to get a foundation degree from their formal training.

    You really do need to spend sometime chatting to a careers adviser who will be able to tell you all about the jobs and answer the questions you may have.

    Hope this helps

    Neil - Supermario

  18. Don't let you out the ops room much then. There are a proportionate number.
  19. I don't doubt it, it was merely an observation. Having spent the last few years on 42s and in Sandy climates I haven't encountered too many for some time. As with our branch the entry standards are high so a high proportion of SUY candidates is to be expected I suppose.
  20. Neil thanks for the advice, already I have got a better insight into the different roles that I have gotten from the AFCO they have not been able to talk me trough any other role than their own in any detail. I am seeking more info on the day to day roles etc than I think they can offer and even after 4 or 5 visits I seem only to ever walk away with a dvd or a leaflet.

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