What it looked like from the top of Ganges Mast.

Discussion in 'History' started by BillyNoMates, Jun 3, 2011.

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  1. I do believe my grandad enjoyed that view on an ocassion, button boy if correct??? jesus no wonder he liked a drink after that experience!!!
  2. Memories ! been up there many times not as button boy though.I have sat on the button never stood up
  3. I only ever saw the mast from the bottom - with my balance it was probably for the best!
  4. Don't think this is one of Mr Fisks photographs. Sundays was a good day for loafing up the mast. You could even use the lubbers hole, on Sundays, rest of the time you had to over the devils elbow. The only frightening bit was that last bit after the half moon where you had to hang on and shimmy up to the button. Just a shame, on reflection, that I didn't hang on to my wages as tightly as I clung onto that bit of mast.:-D Happy days.
  5. No wonder you 'real' oldies are mental.

    Sod that.
  6. WE were only allowed 1/2 way and that was enough for me!
  7. You'd of really enjoyed it, time it just right and you could slide down one of the mainstays and be in time for 4,o clockers in the galley. Yes Sundays was a day to be enjoyed. not much else at Shotley.
  8. Used to go up St Vincent mast most dinner times ,it was the only place you could see out with the high perimeter walls .
    You could see the ships in Portsmouth Harbour aswell. Saw them loading up for the Suez affair in 1956.
    the Home Fleet Training Squadron air craft carriers[Theseus and Ocean] were used as Army transports for it.
  9. Great pic - does wonders for my vertigo!
  10. Brilliant photo! Old Fisk would have paid a bob or two for the negative,as a former Trog I spent my Sundays in the Bowling Alley.
  11. aye........
  12. Like Cornishgolfer, I wasn't allowed up to the top thank ****, halfway did for me thankyou very much.
  13. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    So thats what the tot was for, Dutch courage.
  14. Joined Ganges Apr. 1963 and did the mast a couple of times, did visit the Button but didnt sit on the twat. Health and Safety ?
    wasnt even thought about pmsl
    Best regards to all Ex Ganges Boys, toughest naval training establishment in the world !
  15. Great picture......did it round the devils elbow when mast class and up to the crosstree in my own time...bottled out when I ran out of ladders....Benbow Div 1960...still remember certain things and doing the mast is top of the list...
  16. Is there an aide to steady him? I seem to recall a small stick that fits between his legs and nuzzles his rusty bullet hole.

    Have I just answeredmy own question?
  17. wal

    wal Badgeman

    Yes you have and as I was scared of heights I joined the band.

    It was the same when God was dishing out blanners, I thought he said ladders and asked for a short one. (60+ prostrate shot)
  18. Fixed that for you wal.
    And by the way welcome aboard shippers.
  19. Only ever it made it as far as the cross tree - definitely far enough for me, and never climbed the b*stard thing for fun! Was in Rodney Division in '64 .

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