What is wrong with these people?

LONDON (Reuters) - The use of full-body scanners at British airports may breach human rights laws, the country's equality commission said on Tuesday, potentially undermining the latest weapon against terrorism.

So what about the human rights of those who may be blown out of the sky?

The equality commission need to wind their stupid necks where this is concerned.

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Typically of course as it's Britain it's all about other people seeing your naughty bits. There is a genuine concern about high levels of x-rays zapping to - and the guards using this machinery.

Good old Daily Mail of course.



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I thought that cnut Phillips was getting sacked because several high ranking members of his 'wasting tax payers money bastards' department had resigned as a result of him being a useful as a chocolate tampon and dodgey as fcuk. Obviously just a fevered dream of mine.
So what is the problem. People should be asked if they object to being bodyscanned, if the ansewer is No then their is no problem. If the answer is Yes, still no problem, subject them to a full body search, rubber gloves anyone :p
I'm actually looking forward to these things being introduced.

When going through security, I will try and induce a stiffy just before walking through, if they want to look at that in an x-ray, they're welcome.
Rights campaigners complain about disproportionate scrutiny of muslim travellers..... where have they been for the last ten years... they're the ones blowing the fcuking planes out of the sky, or crashing them into buildings.. mange tout, Rodney... it's bleedin' obvious.
This unelected quango of buffoons with their half-witted interference is costing us the taxpayer £70 million a year and it's high time it was disbanded, as it provides nothing constructive.
Trevor Phillips used to be a news reporter/presenter on London ITV - what fcuking genius gave him his current job ? He's a menace to society where he is now, and should get the heave ho.


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There is an easy answer to the human rights issue.

If you step into the scanner you fly, if you don't - you don't.

Simply choice, no pressure
Spot on Janner. Too much of these ********* who do with reading the UN's declaration of human rights. Air travel isn't one of them, and yes there's racial profiling the same was done during the Troubles. I was stopped and questioned twice flying back from N.Ireland by Special Branch as I was a young white male, travelling by himself with an Irish name. It was a slight inconvience suck it up.
lonestar, that report is not exactly sizzling news, it's nearly a year old!

But I do agree that the yanks do go overboard. My wife, who uses a wheelchair, and I were given "THE" treatment at Miami airport a few years ago. We were separated for our searches so I couldn't push her. A searcher told her to get out of her wheelchair. When my wife said she couldn't without help, the reply was " why do you fuckin spastics want special treatment!" She was then sujected to a very, very personal search, which didn't improve her mood.
During my search I was asked a series of questions which ended with "Do you know what explosives are?" My reply was "Yes". Bloody hell, in seconds complete lockdown of the room I was in. I tried to explain that I had experience of things that go bang both as a serviceman and as a civilian. Now the shit did hit the fan and the questioning got really intense. I am now shaking with anger and frustration that they were not listening to me. Eventually I managed to get it over to them that, in their language, I was a veteran. They then wanted to know about my civilian occupation, again after much difficulty, I explained that I had was quality control officer in an armament depot and dealt with a range of exlosives on a daily basis.
Eventually the pair of us were virtually escorted to the aircraft, both very pissed off with American attitudes. Have we been back, NOT A ******* CHANCE!!!!!


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janner said:
There is an easy answer to the human rights issue.

If you step into the scanner you fly, if you don't - you don't.

Simply choice, no pressure
I agree, flying is a service provided by free markets NOT a right.

We should submit to the conditions of doing so, so long as they are within UK (well EU mostly) law.
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