What is wrong with some of the see you next tuesdays on here?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by bumwhole, Nov 9, 2012.

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  1. Some of you folk truly are a nest of sad see you next tuesdays. Looking forward to justificatory messages- just remember lads; for every second you spend trying not to appear indignant and affronted, I will sleep a little easier!

    PS At least I've done some time and picked up some gen gongs. NDM anyone?

    PPS Even some of those amongst you who have served appear to be utter throbbers: winner stays on Finknottle vs Witsend anyone? What an utter pair of no mark sad cases...
  2. You do this for a living ?, what's the pay like ?.
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  3. If you're going to be clever, at least get your rant right!

    Oh and your user name seems apt you "SYNT" I hate been called a SYNT.
  4. WOW! An NDM that over shadows the VC!!!
  5. Dear Bumwhole,
    Thank you very much for your feedback regarding our site.
    It is most likely though, that you will not be able to comprehend the breadth, depth or severity of the fuck we do not give.
    Someone who doesn't give a shit.
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  6. Hmmmmm - some first post!

    OK, I only did 23 years so am only a sprog, but (without Googling) does a NDM trump my LS&GC?
  7. Lets have a guessing game as to who owns this sockpuppet, I reckon Finks..any others apart from Wits or MLP on a wind up...edited to add is this the NDM you're desperately after Home - Campaign News
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  8. But just enough to contradict yourself and take time to type a reply I guess spidriver?

  9. Is that a fully formed sentence? I don't get??
  10. You not getting it does not surprise me in the slightest.

  11. Excellent post bumwhole, you certainly have your finger on the pulse. I eagerly await the next instalment of what may well turn out to be a thread of epic proportions.
  12. I like the chap, although I have never really understood the use of the 'PS' for computer-based correspondence. During the time when paper was expensive I can understand why people would have to use it but these days, where simply deleting the text before re-writing ones message is so easy I fear there is no longer justification for its use. I hate to say it about a new member to the site but I think bumwhole is a tad lazy.
  13. OK in order of attainment I have no VD god boy? No just bloody lucky, but many scars, VG.Sat, LS&GC, discharge papers, Pussers pension, DipMath , BSc(HON), War pension , CEng, FIET, Armed forces Veterans Badge, APMP, MSc , WPM, DLA. Does any of these black cat this gong he has be on about?

    Whose multi login is this?

    edited somewhere amongst that crap I missed Blue spaz badge:glasses8: Oh and Dolphins, did not get Blue Peter badge
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  14. I got an email at work the other day with something similar to this -

    Hi Noshmon

    The List of names as requested
    John SMITH
    jENNY dOE

    sorry caspsloc was on

    Total fucking mong
  15. I hope you set fire to his family, or at least his hands.
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  16. Her. Only a woman could be that thick. I have logged a request with the contact centre to have her computer taken off her
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  17. NDM= Never Did Much. It's a medal made for members of the BNP who did lacklustre national service and is probably made out of flattened kitkat foil, bonded with the tears of their own disappointed family.
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  18. Jeez Sumo ... I am impressed! Think this is what he was going on about Home - Campaign News which a) looks like an antipodean medal of sorts therefore b) doesn't exist in the UK.

    My Dip HE(Nursing) BEd Cert Ed & FAETC doesn't come near yours ... :notworthy: .... Oh and I can't find my Veterans Badge!
  19. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You make a fair point. Mind you, i'm surprised you couldn't call us a nest of cunts. That's what we are, see? Cunts.
  20. Well that may very well be true but also debatable, as many know Cunts in the correct place are or can be useful, it has been hinted at on her that some posters are less than useful so have to locked into a dungeon?:sad7:


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