What is Wannabepilot doing on her own in the chatroom?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Clown_Puncher, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. She's been in there all morning, alone. Is she dead? Has she crimped in the mess square? Or is she really that desperate for a smiting with a spamhammer?
  2. Let's join her.
  3. Miserable bitch doesn't want to play.
  4. Enter quietly, we can "do stuff" whilst she sleeps and post it on passedoutchicks.com
  5. Pete Burns finally joining up?
  6. Sometimes the last users name stays on the "Who's in chatroom" box long after they have left.
  7. To be fair once she is an Orrificer I would smash her just so I could call her Ma'am whilst giving her Desperate Dan chin a light spattering of jittler.
  8. Playing with her joystick!! Leave her be!
  9. Finished off with a face like a plasterers radio!!! 8)
  10. She loves it.
  11. So i believe although she isn't my type to be fair!!
  12. She has eyes?
  13. PMSL genius!!! :lol:

    And a pulse for good measure!!
  14. Doesn't matter about a pulse 8O !
  15. So Marilyn Monroe found out!! 8O
  16. Good effort Royal. So is it rue that she really had 12 toes?
  17. No idea but i know she was dripping with more semen that joannas!!! 8)
  18. Only 11 like Fester Adams.

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