What is this ribbon?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by danny, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. The sun

    What is the ribbon for that prince william is wearing in the picture on the link?
  2. It looks like the chocolate coin issued for the Queen's Golden Anniversary
  3. That explains why it looks familiar then. (not that i have one) Just a lot of people do.
  4. Get them in Lucky bags as well - worth fcuk all
  5. More important, why isn`t he wearing his wings?
  6. Brown wings??
  7. RN officers pilots wear their wings on their cuff above the curl on the
    stripes -----pilots wings and observers badges . Or used to!!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  8. Yes they still do.left cuff i think. So you woudnt be able to see them if he is wearing them.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Ah, but do his makee-learn Crab wings qualify him to wear Pusser's ones? (Just idle Sunday afternoon nit-picking).
  10. Absolutely right, however, if you're daft enough to take a bit of duraglit to them, then they very quickly resemble a QGM (worth alot), as a certain PO Diver in Gib found out just in time for 1SL divisions.
  11. Yes i know where wings are worn, there are other pictures of him, and they are not showing.
  12. Alrite dont flash.
  13. How old?? may be he hadnt got round to sewing them on then???
  14. Doesnt he have to do a conversion course or something like that.
    I suppose if he goes on boats he'll earn his Dolphins as well.
    Good luck to the lad,I wouldnt have his place in the world.

    As an aside,Mountbatten wore Dolphins but never as far as I know served on boats.

    Anybody know why?
  15. The portait of Mountbatten shown in link he is wearing Dolphins but was never a submariner. Brooches for Officers.


    and for real


  16. Cheers for that,perhaps he went out on a familys day and thought he was entitledto wear them afterwards.
  17. I believe he had a lunchtime G&T onboard the Truculent when she was alongside in Portsmouth.
  18. I know he also did a lot of work with getting Dreadnought into service and was maybe given the 'dolphins' as a prezzie. ;-)
  19. You mean like an honoury degree type thing?

    I gave Dolphins out as prezzies to young ladys ashore but that usually after all night in!

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