What is this nation coming too

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by One_Eyed_Willy, Jul 21, 2007.

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  1. What a stupid bloody council.

    This is the mentality that is handing over the U.K. to any flippin immigrant that wants it.

    The don't need to worry about terrorist attacks, we are scared of ourselves far more!!
  2. Typical!!
  3. Similar to that bloody council (can't remember which) which outlawed the flying of the Union or St Georges Flag from windows, etc a few years back.

    Again it always comes back to the silent majority. Only those who are offended complain; the majority who either don't care either way or can't be bothered to shout about it could easily sway these things back on course if they "counter-complained". Not going to happen though.

  4. Not without the placing of lighted ordnance in a suitable orifice it ain't..
  5. Burnley Council. CRAP.

    If you want a laugh go see Rochdale Councils vain attempt at removing the St George flag from the roundabout off the M65 to Royton. Roundabout is covered then removed then covered all on the top lights.

    Nice to see we have a few who like to let the visitors to the country know where they are!!! ENGLAND!!!!
  6. At least this was one immigrant that was prepared to accept the Cross of St George.

    I think it is time to stick two fingers up to political correctness. Every time we are told we can't do something because it's not PC we should make a point of doing it.

    People power.

  7. Totaly agree "jimmy" , the more the tossers say you cant do that then the more I'll Fxxxxxxxxxg do it , ********* the lot of them , :toilet: :tp: :toilet: :tp:
  8. A spade is a spade I say Oh dear is that racist ^_^;
  9. Not if you're referring to a horticultural earth moving implement.
  10. Not forgetting that a Border spade should never be called a Ladies spade on the grounds that could be classed as not PC to the Ladies.

    And also a manhole is now called a access chamber because women can now go down. After you LADIES!!!
  11. In my experience women have ALWAYS been able to go down - I'm very glad to say!

  12. Yeah, but once they've got that ring on their finger...
  13. So a Black migrant is told that wearing the flag of his adopted country with pride is Racist? What the bloody hell? What we need is more migrants like him, willing to integrate into British society, not those who take benefits and drive an explosives laden 4x4 into a packed airport.

    The flag of this country is the only flag you can fly without requiring planning permission, supposedly, seems as though we now need to have it approved by our illustrious PC Council Zealots, for potential damage to the community! Sickening.
  14. Seriously though - if left unchecked we could end up in a situation ten to twenty years down the line where HM Forces are no longer permitted to fly the union flag (or Ensign) for fear of offending those we are about to fight ... assuming that we are allowed to fight them and not re-designated as tourist information wardens borne on strength to give directions and other assistance to the enemy so they can screw us even more.

  15. [​IMG]

    "What did you just call me?"

    'Spade' has actually been used as a racist term, so yes, it is.
  16. Wrongly of course.

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