what is this country coming to??

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by cornish_jan, Jan 18, 2008.

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  1. is it me....or is everything we do governed by health and safety officials?? at what point do things go from general health and safety to farcical and then beyond that!

    health and safety madness
  2. Bunch of fxxxxxxxxg idiots , :pukel: :toilet: :pukel: :toilet:
  3. aye i agree....idiots!
  4. H&S were trying to get fences erected around canal locks to stop kids falling in.

    They should put the fences around the kids. :frustrated:
  5. that would make much more sense....and it that idea was probably put foward during their lengthly..and pointless meetings about how 2 screw with day to day life....
  6. Yep thats about it.. I am working in a College, and if I go in a visit to a company I have to fill in a form which has 250 questions, and 50 section, Including "How many zebra Crossing do the students have to cross"

    Each crossing has a score of 10.

    If the score get above 40 then I have to fill in form 2056b.. " risk of students coming into contact with Controlled crossing operatives"

    This is Devon and Cornwall by the way.

    I theree for say I will meet you at the company gates.

    Other wise I would have to fill in one form for EACH of the student (20)

    Yes Folks You were informed in 1974 that this would happen...and bugger me it has happened. UK is now the most risk assessed country in europe, and IT OUR FAULT!!!!
  7. The problem is less the H&S rules, but more the massive, heaving bureaucracy dedicated to enforcing them. The govt ain't got the balls to fire so many useless pen pushers and 'inspectors'.
  8. Them wants their bleddy brains seein' to
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    H&S has gone way to far, its probably the biggest area of expanse in business today, risk assesment this, risk assesment that, it's a nightmare.

    It has become a runaway train with the people incharge of H&S policy realising that they are tin Gods who can dictate to their hearts content.
  10. No, its the pollies you should blame. Health & safety regulations are made by the Minister (through secondary legislation in the form of Draft Statutory Instruments) which may then be examined by the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments and presented to Parliament for approval or rejection. The civil servants are left to implement these rules, which may themselves have been ill-considered, or more often than not, not considered by Parliament at all.
  11. Where it becomes even more farcical is when G Brown announced a couple of days ago that they were going to set up an "organisation" to monitor some of the more outlandish H & S edicts.
    Employ a few thousand more pen pushers !!!! Then he can claim to have reduced unemployment
  12. Very amusing when the Factory inspector send word he/she are making a surprise visit??
  13. I think risk assessments are worthwhile --also it helps when people at work get hurt doing jobs/work without the proper safety aids. The insurance companies basically demand to see the laid our assessment forms as part of the checks before renewing manufacturing/machine shops /process machinery firms insurance . Premiums are also decided on the work ''risks''

    Best one I saw just before retiring--the engineering manager fell off a ladder and was hospitalized -------- :bball: :bball:

    Another trick is the accident book -----usually the real one and the one that gets shown to the inspectors!!

    :nemo: :nemo:
  14. Ah well, time to hand in my old Lone Star Sixshooter and 2 rolls of caps. Better safe than sorry.
  15. O!, Pinch is a good egg.
  16. It's not so much a case of what it is coming to as where it went!
    But you know that when you look down from an aircraft the UK is one of the most beautiful places on earth.
    It just needs to be appreciated as such by some that live there, and they need to take control of what is happening.
  17. Don't forget when you have a hot plate of beans on toast, douse it with cold water first so you don't burn yourself! :lol:
  18. On reading this thread my one thought is "who ever's driving this planet would you please stop so that I can get off".
  19. Would washing it down with a cold beer have the same effect??

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