What is the wait time for Mine Warfare Specialist?

It's the role that I'm most interested in, and it is in high priority. Has anybody recently went into a high priority job that could tell me how long their application took from start to Raleigh?

Maybe @Ninja_Stoker could shed some light? Thanks.
It's what they do for a living, have you made any contact with them at all yet?
Yes I asked them to make sure that my new application would still use same details as my old one. I got as far as my medical about to be sent to Capita and now I'd like to continue it. After the application they usually call within 1 week.
No you then get booked in for your actual medical which can take months, then they WILL find something wrong during your medical which will take months to sort. Then PJFT, after which your bid is submitted followed by PRNC then Raleigh.

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