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What is the role of TMO


Hi everyone

I have my AIB commencing next week, and although I feel I have prepared sufficiently for the upcoming tests the AIB will use to determine my capability of being a naval officer, I just wanted a breakdown on the following questions:

(1) What is the actual role of a Training Management Officer (please refrain from using Naval terminology, as I came across a previous thread asking a similar question, but was unable to undestand the terms being used, thank you :) )

(2) After my Phase 1 and 2 training, what will I be involved once in I become a commissioned officer? (I help ratings achieve their ranks, but how e.g. do I teach, organise training schedules etc?)

I dont want to across in my interview as someone who has sufficient knowledge about the Royal Navy, but not about the role he has specifically applied for.

Thank you so much guys
@HRK Sorry, sunshine, I cannot help & given the thin No. of active posters at RR 'tis unlikely you'll get your answers here....unless the TMO fairy godmother turns up here PDQ!

Re your: "...I don't want to across in my interview as someone who has sufficient knowledge about the Royal Navy, but not about the role he has specifically applied for."

Agreed - In which case you'd better have your answer ready at AIB for this one:

Why have you applied for a job you know nothing about?


Lantern Swinger
Just to correct a few details from the above thread which have changed since pre-2014:

Probably less than 1% of TMs are directly involved with teaching (training delivery) as their main responsibility, the emphasis is more on managing, assuring and developing/coaching the trainers. That said, TMs are expected to be able to step in and deliver a lesson if required.

There is no longer a 27k golden handshake for TMs, the branch has had a surge in popularity in recent years - somewhat helped by opening it up to graduates from any UK honours degree subject. Selection can be highly competitive.

Promotion prospects are a lot healthier than they were.

Other than that it's pretty much still accurate.

There are plenty of other informative threads about TMs here and your questions have mostly been answered before. If you have exhausted the search function and still have questions then feel free to PM me.
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Maybe, as a practice AIB question, HRK can explain to us what "assuring......the trainers" means.
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