What is the point of the Wardroom in the RNR?

I suspect most people join the Reserves as much for the social side and comradeship as for the public service angle. When I was in the RNXS we trained hard at HMS President then drank hard in the SR's Mess later... :razz:
I don't agree I joined as I thought I could be of some use, and have found it frustrating when I have not been used. The social angle is great though, I just wish I had more time to do it.
Fcuk me, only just read this thread ( bored in a hotel room in Dorchester at the moment ! )

What a complete and utter Stroker - obviously forgotten that old saying "don't shit on people on the way up because you sure as hell will meet them on the way down.


brazenhussy said:
Jim30 said:
Nice guess, but I've never been in the JR's mess in my life and certainly never hang around there waiting for beer. (Ex URNU not JR you see)

sanctimonious git!! wouldn't bloody invite you in or buy you a beer - mind you its sounds like your head is so far up your arse you would be able to drink it anyway!

Ditto , sounds a right fxxxxxxxxxg ******** ,


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Now he's gone I can also say this. Our wardroom has been a brilliant place to find a spouse. In my time we have had at least 5 married couples in there(2 and a half remaining) and there is another one on the way in May. Not a good reason but it worked for me. Didn't want to mention it while Jim was around because I am sure he would think the reason totaly puerile


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Jim30 said:
This is now beyond belief. How many fcuking times do I have to make clear to you. I have an excellent relationship with the JR's and SR's that I work with - I refuse to believe any of the BS about "them and us". However some very simple facts - my job does not involve much with JR's or SR's, my operational role doesnt have anything to do with them either. I have no delusions of rank or grandeur and if anything have been told that I am too informal in my dealings with JRs. Will people please remove their heads from their arses, read what I am saying and understand that I am talking about the W/R and the people within, not the wider RNR. Stop trrying to turn this into another "officers are nasty toffs and us JRs are loveable urchins" thread.

Sorry i seem to have lost the will to live reading all this :roll:

It is very simple. It seems that Jim is too good for all the messes esp the Wardroom. We officers should respect and understand how important he is!! :twisted:

Always remember Jim that the Navy will still be going on far longer that you will. As a Officer i am embarassed by your comments :oops: The wardroom is a very important part of navy life, both regular and reserve. When you turn it into just another job, you have lost the essance of what is Navy Life.

I have lived worked and played in all 3 messes both as RN and RNR and i think you have disgraced your rank and your history and the tradition of those who came before you and will come after you. You remind me of the politically correct squad who dont want to cause any offence to anyone (inc the French).

We have a navy and a tradition and you need to get used to the banter and be part of the life. You take the money and wear the uniform so join in with what the ship gives to you or find a new job! :evil:


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Captain_Jacks said:
Always remember Jim that the Navy will still be going on far longer that you will. As a Officer i am embarassed by your comments :oops: The wardroom is a very important part of navy life, both regular and reserve. When you turn it into just another job, you have lost the essance of what is Navy Life.

I am thankful that this attitude is the prevalent one and has been stated in one form or another by members of all messes - there is hope for the RN and the RNR after all!


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slim said:
froggit said:
Tell me where and when and if you have the gin I May

Come off it Frogit JRs messes only have tinnies. However if you would like to donatea bottle pinkers I 'm certain it would be appreciated :smile:

Not so...as JR Mess president I am more than capable of providing a G & T to the highnesses if required....!


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The mess decks through hundreds of years irrespective of JR/SR or wardroom are what has made the Royal Navy what it is today...!!

We tried a combined mess..and it didnt work because it was never really combined it was the SR's mess with the JR's allowed in without knocking...the JR's never had an equal say...!!

I would fight any move to combine the messes again..the JR's mess is my sanctuary from SR's and Officers that get up my chuff...!!

We do have a combined mess once a month which rotates around the messes and I think that works very well and provides us with a good balance.

However any officer or senior rate is more than welcome if they wish to enter the JR's mess at any time provided they are prepared to abide by and respect our rules..quite simple really...although some people do seem to have a problem getting to grips with this from time to time!


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lost the will to live by reading this thread. History and tradition are part of what being in the RN/RNR is......this includes the seperate messes. Its a space in which you drip about your seniors without getting any grief, chat to your oppos, help other people with problems (personal and Navy) have a drink (or two) and as uncle albert says keep the wheels turning.......
if Jim has a problem with a couple of the officers prehaps he should talk it through with friends in unit......oh sorry forgot no friends coz he does his job and goes home.........
slim said:
phil1972 said:
Well UA and Slim I will bow to your greater knowledge on this one but it just ain't working at my Unit. Maybe when the RNR allows me to sample RN life it will get to understand. I was just trying to point out that Jim30 is not alone in feeling that the messes in the RNR do not always work to the benefit of their mess members.
Then attend the mess meetings and get things changed. I don't know about wardroom mess meetings but POs mess meetings were always very democratic. If something is amiss then this is where it can be corrected> :smile:

Slim, I agree with everything that you have said about the RN and their messes, however the RNR is a different kettle of fish. I am sorry, but you have to be in it to believe it. What Phil and to a degree Jim say is true. The unit as a whole is on the demise, from its position of strength say 15 years ago. Everything is branch related that the ships company structure has less and less relevance, and that I feel includes the messes.