what is the pass mark?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by sinclairmic, Jul 30, 2009.

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  1. i went into the AFCO today to hand in my eye test results and my careers officer opened them infront of me, I have VA1 wooo hoo perfect so i passed that. then i asked about the results from my RT. He told me i was 3 marks from an AET and it was the mechanical comprehension that let me down :( but im happy that i got what i wanted.

    What is the pass mark for AET? and what other options would have been available to me as i didnt bother asking

  2. You will not be told your RT score as you don't need to know.

    Try the Search button as there are countless threads about the RT.
  3. You dont get told your RT score, its just pass or fail. I belive for AET you have to get a good score, so if you were just 3 marks from AET i think most jobs would be available for you, speak with your local afco
  4. It annoyed me slightly that they refused to tell me my mark, got enough for AET, and from what I can remember there wasn't a question I couldn't work out, and managed to answer them all in time. I expect there was 1 or 2 which I worked out wrong which everyone does, even knowing the answer, and the reaction I got from the AFCO was like, yes well... very good, take a seat. The impression I got from the way he said it was like, you frickin' aced it dude, but I'm not telling you that!
    Is there any way to find out once you're in training or something, maybe they could dig it out?
  5. Jesus dude does it matter you passed you will go on to be a poftah wafu , will knowing the score make your cock harder?
  6. Knowing the score would make my cock SLIGHTLY harder yes...your mum told me it wasn't hard enough yet. tehe :la:
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  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The reason that Test results are not divulged is simply because you either meet the standard required or you don't.

    If a "testee" scores significantly higher than needs be for a given trade, then they maybe advised there are more demanding/technical trades available that may stimulate & cerebrally challenge the person, thus potentially lengthening their predicted retention within the service - However- the choice of job is the prerogative of the individual.

    The fact that one person's test score indicates they posses the intellectual capacity to complete their chosen trade training, certainly doesn't mean that a person scoring twice as much has double the chance of completing their training. Anything over & above the score required neither strengthens the individual's career potential nor indicates they are any cleverer than those that pass but score less - the test is there to gauge intellectual capacity rather than feed egos.
  11. you should get your RT score on your first report at the end of Raleigh, unless SJAR has removed that too.
  12. Thankyou Ninja_Stoker.

    There ya go, that's what I was after, cheers. :cheers:
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    A fair percentage of careers advisers will state at Selection Interview that they are not permitted to disclose the recruiting test result, whilst pointing to it on the personal folder with their index finger - the majority of those being interviewed remain sublimely unaware.
  14. I was looking at what he had in his hands the whole time, I'm pretty inquisitive and suspicious, but he kept it out of my sight.
  15. maybe you just scraped a pass and he was saving your frgial feelings?
  16. I asked the Lt when I took mine but he said no...gutted! lol. He didn't even have my file with him in the room when he told me!! lol. Damn inquisitive human nature!! :p

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