What is the one food/meal you could eat endlessly?

Re: What is the one food you could eat endlessly?

Zoidberg said:
Mine would have to be either steak and chips or a bacon sarnie with chilli sauce 8)
Steak and chips is two foods. A bacon sarnie with chilli sauce is at least two foods.
Lancashire Hot pot,have it all the time,full of spicy peppers.
Next is fresh killed rabbit done in the oven in cider and tin tomatoes.
Meals I hate,anything with pasta.
I have always had a liking for the lod T Bone steaks. Now anyone on the old Ark Royal for the 1976 trip will recognise this.
We had been on a nine month deployment (no sympathy please cos it was great). Two weeks from Guzz the caterer found boxes and boxes ot T Bone steaks, these were to have been used througout the deployment, but they had been forgotten about. So two weeks of T bones at every meal, the matelots were sick of them and demanding such delicacies as babies heads, shit on a Raft and even mince and tatties.
must admit though, didn't put me off them :p
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