What is the matter with you all?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Rumrat, Feb 20, 2013.

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  1. Since I have been posting on RR I have until late kept well clear of politics religion and current naval affairs/strategies of which I know very little and care even less.
    But,....I have noticed a rather unrealistic trend towards tolerance, but always directed towards Political Correctness. That is the problem.
    I live in the real world, where opinions are expressed across the board, and either I am living in the centre of the British Nazi Parties homeland or else the views expresses until of late on RR are very one sided.
    I heard or rather read the accusations or suggestions (please yourselves) that frogman was a racist for making a few remarks that were in my mind timid compared with those so often expressed openly in most places I have travelled.
    For instance, at the moment everyone and his brother are making remarks about the Pope the RC church and the sexual preferences of its staff, with the associated jokes.
    Where's the outrage bus? in for a service. I'm a left footer, I ain't bothered I have been insulted by experts to no avail and unable to answer.(Try RN DQ's staff their polite folk).
    I recon if it were a thread trashing Muslims to that degree the bus would be parked outside at full revs. Why is it trendy to support the Muslims. If you insult one it's racism. Wrong its not unless they suddenly have a diversified from creed/religion into a nationality.
    Mention cutting aid and straight away you are the voice of evil and obviously a fascist or paid up member of the National Front.
    Why is it such a crime to be concerned for whats happening in this country to us as opposed to worrying about the rest of the world?
    If I get reminded once more about what the British did in years gone by I will puke.
    Who cares, it wasn't me and as far as I know we never had a slave in our family, more likely the other way around.
    So Cameron went to see where the British shot a load of Indians,...who cares, go look at the Black hole of Calcutta they did us.
    One of the biggest ner' do wells in the midlands is related to me by marriage, and has caused a lot of grief to a lot of people. I'm supposed to do what? Apologise on his behalf? Fuckin forget it wasn't me I am a nice guy and help people who need it when I can.
    I have lived in this country a great deal of my life and whilst not being English would not think too badly of anyone suggesting I am, kinda flattered really.
    Anyone not liking it can do what I do live in another place, and those that do not reside here have no valid input into how we should feel seeing our future diluted by a politico with no agenda other than staying in power with the big bucks whilst the rest of us are expected to share the little we have with anybody that comes just because we have a little more than them.
    I know lots of poor British people I have some as friends. Not scroungers but people who through many varied circumstances are not doing too well and they are in fact to the majority employed.
    So in conclusion I am neither a racist, an intolerant towards religion bugger (whatever their called) and I have no ideas of my supremacy over anyone. I just want to not be dragged into poverty by too many on the friggin life-raft.
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  2. :withstupid:...................Nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade.
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  3. There was a time in this country when there were sections of society who were unfairly disadvantaged either by race,creed or disability.Quite correctly steps were taken to level the playing field but in some quarters this was viewed as a weakness to be exploited.All this equality has brought about a situation where in some cases the once disadvantaged have found themselves in a position where they want not only to be equal but bring the wrath of the law upon those who they view as not sharing their vision of the future,There is hardly a minorty group now that hasn't had the law changed for their benefit standfast white,male heterosexual.
    Because in recent time the stop immigration outrage bus has been the transport of choice for extreme right nazis anyone who has mild reservations about the effect of unrestricted immigration on the UK is tarred with the same brush hence the cries of bigot and racist.In my view these two names are brought out the moment the argument looks like being lost on the value of unchecked immigration.
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  4. "Why is it trendy to support the Muslims." Because they do as they're told by their Imans. And a politician loves people who do as they're told 'cos they then vote the "right way". They are chasing the block vote which upset the Labour party in Rotherham when they voted for Respect instead.
    Oh, there is also the Whabism route too. We don't want to be seen upsetting the House of Saud as they spend a lot of money in the UK and sell us their oil too.
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  5. Can't be arsed to read it all.

    Attention span in danger of breaking.
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  6. Well what about me you selfish git, I had to write it.
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  7. Our race and religion are on the decline as the foreigners thrive. We are being guilt tripped into accepting this huge change in Britain and Europe, through what they teach us in schools, the tv, newspapers, the whole media, we are constantly reminded and told how bad we are, what our ancestors done to others, our history which we are almost told to be ashamed of, our people, subliminally made to feel a sense of self guilt, its clear too see? or is it just me.

    Open your eyes and the eyes of other people and save Britain for what is left of her.
    Don't be scared or suppressed to speak from your heart for whats rights.

    And protecting our people, family's, soil and even faith to some, is whats right.
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  8. Yeah! Woo! Some of us can't even speak the language any more.

    *checks forum* Shame. I wanted to call you a ******* idiot.

  9. Relevant reply, prick.
  10. To be a racist you need to be pursuing an agenda which decries a set race of people be them white, black, yellow. To attack over an issue of colour is obviously "colour prejudice".
    As I do not advocate defaming any particular nationality or colour, I do not meet the criteria of either description.
    What I do believe is that you only give according to your ability.
    At this moment in time, our government are pursuing a policy of frugality and cutting back our services telling us we cannot afford them.
    Then they give Billions away and open the doors to all and sundry which means that which is still available is divided amongst even more, thus making our standard of living even more frugal.
    Jesus Cameron even has an army of disciples capable of working miracles, as they walk amongst the sick and invalids telling them "pick up thy wheelchair and work".
    Then the do gooders come back with the line, yes certain countries are getting more prosperous for the upper echelon but the everyday populace are still needy.
    Yes they are I agree,......and?
    Solution? Let their rich share with their poor, not expect me to share mine, because some countryman of mine may have shot a few Indians in 19 O plonk. Not my problem, did your grandad murder anyone and escape? Oh he did, well lets hang you.
    Time and again I read on RR "I don't believe in the bible" etc," mambo jumbo". Great well don't bring bible philosophy to the argument with " visiting the iniquity of the father onto the children to the third and fourth generations."
    Daddy killed your daddy, not interested get over it. Grandad enslaved half of Africa? what you telling me for?, not interested not my problem move on.
    No I'm not unsympathetic, I'm just not responsible, therefore guilty of **** all so why should I feel as if I owe anyone anything?
    Split a cake between 1,000 people then it needs to be a bleedin great cake or else no one feels any benefit of it.
    Split it in two and its a feast. If you paid for the feast then its your meal.
    Yes fat bastard Tamworth logic so thanks whoever introduced that into the forum.

    If my logic is not true, tell me when we start executing Germans because of their even more recent activities.
    Or did I just read they said sorry and closed the book. Good on em.
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  11. Its becuse of idiots like guzzler.
  12. I do not look on Guzzler as an idiot mate, far from it.
    The way you are raised or things you see through life influence the way we are and a diversity of opinion makes for a good debate.
    That I intend to appoint him as the commandant of the Romanian detention camp is coincidental.
    I will not pay for his jackboots or doberman.

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