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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by GunneryFunnery, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Hello there my seafaring chums,

    Just a quick question..........

    As a serving soldier of 13 years and at the rank of Sgt, i am bored to tears of my job and i know exactly where i will be going and what i will be doing for the next 9 years and that thought depresses me!

    Just by chance that it is possible to change tack is there a job to suit me in the RN?

    I have spent the last 13 years working on mainly communications but i also have experience on Guns and Radar.

    I am intrigued by the thought of being a submariner, obviously I dont want to lose all my tapes/money etc is there anything I could do?

    Your thoughts please Gents.


    (I know my speling is terrible but hopefully you lot on RR arn't as critical as the ARRSE bunch!)
  2. Well I wouldn't be too sure about the grammar police being less rapacious than on Arsse, but I'm sure there's someone who knows the answer. As someone who once tried (unsuccessfully) to go the other way, I wish you the best of luck anyway....
  3. We had a Chief Stoker Tiff on the Exeter who had transferred from the Army. I am not sure which Regiment but presumably it would have been REME.

    I would've thought you might have to drop a few ranks depending on branch etc. A lot of the trades require completion of seamanship and NBCD task books prior to picking up your rate which presumably you would have to do.

    I may be talking complete pump though as I have been out for 2 years.
  4. AFCO staff will correct me, but it used to be that if you had served over six years in one of the services then transfer wasn't an option. (There were exceptions).

    I don't know about leaving the Army then trying to enlist in the good ole RN!! Have to take your chances I suppose.
  5. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    It can be possible - about four years ago at Boscombe Down there was a MACMN (WO1) who had transferred from the RN to the Crabs a few years prior - he'd been a WAFU WO1 and wanted to keep flying which wasn't an option in dark blue, hence the demotion in service (and Waspie, I think you know him based on a previous thread here on RR).
  6. There are options, but you would probably loss your rank, pay can go to mark time rate of current rank. You would probably have to go back through basic training as alot of what is covered at HMS Raleigh (Basic training base) will not have been in your initial training (Sea survivial, damage control, Fire-fighting etc).

    Try popping into your nearest Naval Careers office for a chat next time you are on leave. Nothing to lose!!


  7. Cheers Guys, Its certainly something to think about!
  8. About three years ago there were a handful of Army Sergeants transferred to POAET (can't recall from which regiment(s)) - not sure about other branches.
  9. If you were to get a transfer you would more than likely have to complete phase 1 training. How would you feel about going through all of that again. Along with speaking to your local AFCO you need to seek approval via your CO through your RCMO by completing a B291. Your RCMO should have this, if not see your friendly regimental clerk.
  10. Your going to have to help me out here mate, POAET?
  11. Petty Officer Air Engineering Technician
  12. I know 4 ex-Pongos who are now WAFUs. One is a WO2, one is a CPO and 2 are POs. They came across about 3 years ago. It is possible to make that change, but I don't know how - try the AFCO mate.

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