What is it really like in Fleet Air Arm?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Sierra_Hotel, Mar 24, 2007.

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  1. What is it really like as a pilot in fleet air arm?
  2. Harrier Pilot: Fly fast at altitude dropping ordnance, free from danger from small arms and SAMs

    Sea King Mk7 Pilot: Fly slow at altitude free from danger from small arms and SAMs.

    Sea King Mk4 Pilot: Fly troops into hot LZ's, being contacted by SAM's and hit by small arms fire with only a GPMG to shoot back with.

    Sea King Mk5: Carry mail............

    Lynx: Ditto.....

    Awaiting flack from disgruntled aircrew.......... :lol:
  3. Daz you don`t mention our latest wonder aircraft the Merlin, what is that good at other than sitting in Merlin Depth Maintenance facility awaiting decisions from Augusta.

    As for the Seaking Mk 5 its used for SAR so ask all those in peril around our coasts if they sat on mail when they were saved.

    There's more to the FAA than Yeovilton mate, think you need a job down west to broaden your horizons.
  4. You could join Joint Farce Harrier and travel the world by crab air staying in Hotels, on full subs (Till JPA came in).
    Oh Yes and places like Kandahar Holiday Camp, Afghanistan.


  5. Well you can grow a set unlike the sideways walking ones… :wink:
  6. A day in the Life of a Fleet Air Arm pilot.

    0800 Woken with tea & bikkies by steward.
    0801 Bollock steward because tea too hot
    0802 Steward finishes blowing on tea to cool it.
    0805 Steward lays out clothing for days activities.
    0830 Finished showering and dressing, get steward to knot tie and tie shoes.
    0845 Breakfast, but its finished. Remind steward who you are a demand he gets you substinence, after all you are a pilot and do need food.
    0915 Finish Breakfast
    0930 Read daily newspapers call steward ask for coffee.
    1000 Jump into Porsche and drive the mile to squadron
    1030 Coffee
    1100 Briefing on sorte
    1130 Ask mate what briefing was about because you had been drooling over the wren who threw herself at you last night.
    1200 Sign for aircraft and carry out sorte
    1300 Return aircraft sign A700 Place aircraft unserviceable, nothing wrong with it but you like to see the maintainers kept busy.
    1330 Coffee and chat with other steely eyed pilots about who got the most totty last night.
    1400 Meeting with senior pilot to explain why you were humping his wren last night.
    1430 Offer to let senior pilot watch next time, part as best of friends.
    1500 Into Porsche back to wardroom for tea and stickies.
    1600 Had a knackering day so tell steward to turn bed down as you're going to have a couple of hours kip.
    1900 Arise, shower and change for dinner.
    2000 Dinner get fined a round of drinks for misbehaving.
    2100 Meet wren from last night
    2200 Sneak wren into cabin
    2230 Invite senior pilot around, a promise is a promise.
    2359 Kick wren out of bed with the excuse that you have another hard day tomorrow.

    Remember everyday is not as hard as this.
  7. Slim, how much does that change after promotion to Lt?
  8. Typical JFH Pilot!!! Crab or Matelot!!!!!
  9. Gets much better, for a start you don't have to let the senior P watch :oops:
  10. No thanks, been on enough air days/SAMCOs to know that there is to much fog and rain down there for me. As far as Merlins go, they don't appear to fly enough to warrant a quote.

    Good point about the Mk5 though, however according to any news coverage they are RAF a/c anyway! :lol:
  11. Strange, can't remember the Junglies ever volunteering to lead when there are storks around!
  12. ****....... :twisted:

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