What is exactly wrong with this ?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by daffy1, Jul 19, 2010.

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  1. Gurkha ordered back to UK after beheading dead Taliban fighter

    Daily Mail
  2. They asked for proof and they got it, what TF did they expect from one of Nepals finest.
  3. As much as I agree that the lad should be praised for his quick thinking in battle and the fact that his actions have definitely had an adverse effect on the enemy's morale, unfortunately it is against the Geneva Convention to mutilate dead enemies. If the UK is to continue to play World policeman, then we must be seen to uphold the rules we strive to enforce.

    Right sensible answer over with now for my usual ill informed racist babble:

    Give the lad a medal and start dipping our 5.56s in pig blood, General Pershing of the US Army had the right idea (allegedly).

  4. mmmm...cutting off someones head is fairly brutal...but at least he was dead when it happened...unlike what might have happened had the tables be turned....i think its quite a quick thinking move on his behalf especially in the heat of battle and if he was under heavy fire. i think the punishment/investagtion might be more of a publicity thing, maybe trying to keep things a bit sweeter with the locals.
  5. fcuk about...thats a proper thoughtful and malicous death...wonder what happened to the 50th man??? perhaps hee became an avid swine farmer??
  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    Hearts and minds - whats the point of trying to persuade the population we're better than Terry if we then start defiling them? They are very religious over here, and this sort of incident plays badly and puts our guys at more risk.
  7. To paraphrase, when you've got their heads, their hearts and minds will follow.
  8. I wondered when that cliched and hackneyed quote would come up. I have to concur with the earlier statement with reference to the Geneva Convention.
  9. 'The taliban will be insulted' ?

    Edited after reading comments and reflecting
  10. Spent much time in Helmand have we? Thought not.
  11. At least in certain parts of the countryside, including Helmand, the locals are totally NFI towards us, and they don`t want Terry either. Under such circumstances hearts and minds is essentially shovelling some thing brown and smelly uphill. Althought it`s a different war, maybe Abu Graib didn't do a lot to convince Moslems in general that we are civilised.

    Still don't understand the fuss about the Ghurkas actions. It's a war.
  12. Counter-insurgency Armed Conflict and Aid to the Afghan Civil Power. No war has been declared.
  13. War...armed conflict.... people shooting each other.... bombs going off in the roadside....it ain't no fcuking picnic thats for sure.....
    IT'S WAR....and it ain't pretty.... no war ever is ... things happen !

    Give the guy a medal !!
  14. My bold. That is not a reason, that's an excuse. If the situation was reversed, Taliban beheading, say, a 20 year old Royal, there would, rightly be uproar. Now use that excuse in that context.
  15. There may be uproar... from the hand wringers.....
    but as stated .... war ain't pretty.... never has been.
    Human conflict has been going on since forever..... its just that in this war.... mass communication shows it warts and all. and if it conflicts with 'human rights' so be it. The enemy is the enemy and has to be beaten.
    Show signs of 'compassion' to your enemy ..... at your peril.
  16. You don't like your enemy, but you do respect them. Got a lot of experience of land warfare have we?
  17. All the Gurka did was give his boss the heads up on who they'd topped. :twisted:
  18. Good point, well made!
  19. Flagdeck. If you get the chance, go on to the Defence Intranet training site. I haven't got access to it right now but there is (as I remember it) an on-line module on the Law of Armed Conflict. Completing it is well worth the time and effort.

    I believe you will find that the grownups don't quite see things your way.
  20. Instead of trying to score points off each other

    Could it be, that the soldier involved was sending a message to the taliban....not many days ago there were fatalities involving the Ghurkas

    War or not war? How we got to be there?.....surely the guy on the ground treats it as war.
    He doesn't have the luxury of the 'Armchair Warrior' (us) to debate the point....he spends his time engaging the enemy and heroically fighting to stay alive.

    Personally, I can't explain how I feel when they announce another death of 'our boys' (Men)....it's not a good feeling

    Edited to placate Sfub...

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