What is Drill?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by scrivomcdivo, Jun 11, 2008.

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  1. Looking into RNR, most naval training schools run a weekly Drill. Can people go into more detail about the Drill? Is this more training as opposed to a drill? As a non-RNR, the military term 'drill' drums up an image of marching up and down endlessly and nothing else......
  2. "Drill nights" are just weekly evening attedences.The term is an old and historic one. Of course there will be a litle bit of Drill included in the training but not a lot.
  3. No it's not Drill as in marching, the term refers to training in general.
  4. Thanks all - I thought it meant training as such and that it was just a traditional term :)
  5. Why don't you call Eaglet this evening? Wednesday is the Drill night there.
  6. I've managed to track down a collague in my regular work who is in Eaglet and so, I've arranged to chat with him this weekend about it all to get an "insight" into it.
  7. In order to supplement their income, RNR units now have to "drill" for oil.
    Each member of the unit takes it in turns to operate the "drill" for 4 hour periods. This cannot often go on longer than 9:30pm on weekday evenings as the noise from the "drilling" upsets nearby residents.
    Hope this helps. I'm off for a lie down. My white finger is playing up again! :afro:

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