What is considered the best job in the Navy

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by mac76, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know what is considered the best job to go for in the Navy?? I am trying to join as a W.E (Submariner).
  2. I would say that it's very much down to what job in the Navy is best for YOU.
  3. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Opinions are like,,,,,,,,,,I can't be bothered.
  4. Admiral of the fleet is a pretty cushy number.

    Not a lot of sea time, choice of drafts, good salary.

    You get your own chauffeur and a house and everything!
  5. I put that as my second choice on my recent AIB application form. I had to hand write it - stupidly they'd forgotten to list it as an option - but I'm pretty sure they'll just appreciate my initiative.
  6. :roll: :roll: WAFU :wink: :wink:
  7. STC but it's a bugger to get in to. Just read through the STC thread
  8. If you fail STC you could always try DHP
  9. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

  10. Steward, obviously.
  11. Reminds of a song

    I got a contact
    Bearing 180
    Is it a Helo?
    I don't think so
    All I know is it's bearing 180
  12. Diver...obvious really !
  13. i thaught about the navy before applying to the Army. Iv not got any qualifications worth talking about and dont imagine i would get a good mark in the entrance exam. I decided the army had more skilled jobs to offer me, plus im a outdoor person who like going running ,hillwalking etc I decided i might struggle with 6 months at sea so the Army would be my best option.

    Just out of intrest what is the careers you can get with a lower mark on the entry test. I heard the marines is a low entry pass but obviously they need to be superhuman to pass everything else. Is there other jobs around the same pass mark as marines?
  14. 8O 8O 8O Stand bye for incoming
  15. No mabe my choice of words were not good, I ment no disrespect sorry if i offended anyone.
  16. The Royal Marines don't sit an academic test, it was stopped some years ago due to them eating all the crayons and pencils.
    Now they just have to turn up at the careers office with the spleen from a dumb civvy such as D-runner...so mind yer back Einstein.
  17. A Phase One Instructor :lol:
  18. Where is the logic in that?

    You accept you aren't very clever and won't do well on the entrance exam. Yet you have picked the army because they offer more skilled jobs - yet being not very clever and unlikely to do well on the entrance exam you won't be eligible for them anyway!

    The army have far more non-skilled jobs to give you when you cock up their entrance test than the RN.

    Now repeat after me... "this is my rifle, there are many like it ...."
  19. You did mention you like running didn't you? I think now might be a good time to warm up :wink: :D
  20. Thats my point the entrance exam is alot easier in the army therefore iv got a better job selection to choose from. I never said im not (clever) i said i doubt i would do well in the Navy exam .

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