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What is a "Warhead"?


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I think janner forgot about that fine waste of bomb shop space, the RNSH (or Sub-Harpoon to the unknowing).


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Wreckers not coming anywhere near me, last time with his mouth to mouth there were tongues involved.



For what it's worth you don't need to know much on Submarines at all for AIB. Just really basic stuff like, "What does SSBN stand for?" etc.


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SS ; Ship Submersible
SSN; Ship Submersible Nuclear
SSBN; Ship Submersible Balistic Nuclear
SSGN; ....................... Guided Missile(Land/Anti Ship).................


On T........ When we got Harpoon we got "T Shirts " made SSGN T...........Pissed a lot of people off.
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