What is a walt???

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by angles_and_dangles, Mar 28, 2007.

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  1. Please excuse me , I have been watching this site almost everyday from work .I dont log on very often (paper trail etc etc ) however I do feel I am getting to know a few of the characters on this site.One thing that I find funny is the use of the term ''Walt'' .Now I used to think a ''Walt'' was a person that went on and on about something he/she had no idea about or a person that claims to be something they are not.

    I have noticed a few posters on this site are actually lacking in any modern military time and some of the nautical types have not actually ever been to sea. I find this all highly amusing as these very same people tend to be the loudest and most annoying of a gang of wannabes.

    I dont claim to be anything special myself , I was a submariner but I left over 15 years ago .Yet I really do think I have spent more time on the''crest of a wave '' than a lot of the regulars in this place. (that is a hard call seeing as I was a submariner) .It takes all sorts I guess and everyone is welcome. I just wish the ''Armchair admirals, the shorebased medics and the hangers on'' would just watch listen and learn from those that have been to sea or have been on a'' two way firing range''.
  2. I believe it describes someone whom is not what they appear to be, or is just here to cause trouble. Trolls or fishers (or anglers....) are other common terms.
  3. If this is a wind-up it's failed!
  4. 'Walt' from Walter Mitty, a fictional character.

    'The short story deals with a vague and mild-mannered man who drives his wife to the hairdressers, and then must run an errand while she is there. During this time he has five heroic daydream episodes. The first is as a pilot of a U.S. Navy flying boat in a storm, then he is a magnificent surgeon performing a one-of-a-kind surgery, then as a cool assassin testifying in a courtroom, and then as a Royal Air Force (RAF) pilot volunteering for a daring, secret suicide mission to bomb an ammunition dump. As the story ends, Mitty imagines himself fearlessly facing a firing squad, "inscrutable to the last." '
  5. Without going into too much detail, because I suspect your sub-surface dits are rather drab, please expose your 'two way firing range' story (or stories). But be aware, before you build up a head of steam, making up dits to explain how you were involved in situations when people were shooting from both ends of the range at the same time might make you a target yourself.

    You might be awarded the title of Walt as well :lol:
  6. A+D, I know what you mean mate, there are quite a few on here ;)
  7. Well its easy to claim to be something you are not on the internet.Nobody can prove otherwise. Maybe a few names can be dropped etc etc .Read a few books on the RM drop in a few pub names and your sorted. I know who is the real deal (i think i do anyway) and there are also a few I have my doubts over.Who cares they are only kidding themselves and anybody that will listen to them.
  8. A&D The members I think you are referring to make no secret about their lack of service/sea time. The last time I looked at the Home Page it did not specify that you must have served in the mob or have spent at least 15yrs at sea. Everyone is welcome! It would soon become very boring indeed if only 3 badgemen sat about swinging lanterns all day and night.
    As you said,you seldom log on and browse the site only while at work.
    If it bothers you that much, you know the answer!
  9. I make no secrect of the fact I was possably the crappest recruit evey to walk through the gates of raliegh
  10. Dear Mr Dangle berry.I was a shore based Matelot for the whole of my time in the RN.it wasnt a case of me not wanting to go to Sea,just that in the years between 78 and 84 the RN was being reduced in size dramatically.The Medical Branch was heavily over bourne to the tune of 1000+ hence any Sea Drafts were rare.I seem to remember that a certain 1st Sea Lord of the Admiralty never served a day in the RN!Does that make him a Walt?In fact he was a Soldier!I enjoy listening and reading of dits regarding Sea time and realise just what fun i missed out on.However,what you may or may not have done or seen on service doesnt make you any more of a salty seadog than a shorebased Medic like myself.I suppose in your eyes my time and experiences on the Medical front and cover for the London Ambulance strike counts for nowt as it was shorebased?Maybe my 2 GCB's were'nt deserved in your eyes?
  11. I think a few have their doubts as to whether i am genuine- but for the record- i joined may 21 1990- danae 21 at raleigh, when there was dauntless sqn for wrns.
    i then went to dryad, and trained as a wrn (r)- first draft was cunningham building in the astt section-- then i volunteered for sea- and went seaman (r)- caais....................
    after 16 yrs on various t22 / 23 and LPD i leave in 5 weeks to be with family .............. x
  12. I understand what you`re saying dangly but as far as I`m concerned if you have your kissing kippers then you are a brother and can say what the fcuk you like…lookin at this page most are serving or have been to sea with the exeption of womps and Florence Nightmare…as for the girls womps was banged up by a submariner so she has good taste and the hussey has impeccably good taste as she married a stoker….
    Stick around and join in the fun.
  13. I feel ancient! :cry:

    Now Dangely-Angley, I am an professional abnormal civvy coward as I'm sure you've already realised. I did claim to be normal once, when I first joined, but eventually I confessed and was ejected from the mythical Submarine-Aircraft Carrier, the Agamemnon, by the Brownies in the ? thread. I changed my name from Nozzy Nozzer to AAC and rejoined as my abnormal self. I know bugger all about the RN apart from what I've learned from books and in the course of my job, and a few other ways too. I always enjoyed looking more at the sailor pictures in the books than the text. :grin:

  14. I can do no more A&D than refer you to the words of the website owners:

    Rum Ration, the unofficial website of the British Royal Navy and Royal Marines, was born in February 06 and is the sister site of the infamous Army Rumour Service (ARRSE). Rum Ration offers community forums, live chat, a photo gallery and jokes. Rum Ration users include serving, ex and future members of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, their family and friends, and a mix of users from the wider British and overseas military community.

    Unless you are very young I expect you belong to a generation whose parents were in the services even if you weren't yourself. You see one only has your word for that just like everyone else so why not come along to a run ashore sometime and get to know some of the RR regulars and prove you are who you say you are, or at least that you exist - you'll also be very welcome in Lil's if you can get past the doorman. You don't need to be in uniform mate :cool:
  15. Angles, being from the silent service you would know more about keeping mum than most, and depending on your type/role, you might not have had many runs ashore encountering carriers or even frigates ship co. which seem to consist of 984 pilots, 1 clubswinger (gives himself away by calling everyone "Dad"), and 23 dolphin trainers.

    This is the net, so its like the biggest run ashore on crack. Some are quick to chime in and deride you for pointing it out, so you have obviously hit a nerve. As rivet says, you could go on a run and meet some of the people behind the names, but Ive found as much BS talked at reunions in the real world as here. Ive even met people who told me they were at events and did things I have first hand knowledge of, and all I can do is smile quietly and enjoy the irony. By all means we all like to embellish dits, and as we get older the details are fuzzy, the pussers takes hold and we sound like Rowley Birkin (I was very, very drunk) but there is a difference between harmless BS'ing and outright Walts.

    In the US they take it more seriously, with sites like fakeseal for all those super secret squirrel types you have to call BS on. Maybe we need a Walt site?
  16. A and D --------------just wonderin how many angles and dangles you have been involved with.
    I think this guy could be a 'Walt' wannabe .

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