What is a JPA Competency Certificate and what are NSOs?

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Uncle_Albert, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. As the title; I've got some chaps needing their "JPA competency certificate" and they need to know what NSOs are (possibly in the context of those group exercises like 'build a bridge using this packet of crisps and a magnifying glass'). I draw a blank on both. New names for old things, or new things, or old things I've just never come across?
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    JPA competencies are exactly what it says on the tin, open JPA and there is a list of your professional quals and courses (ISSC, RNFT etc). NSO's isn't ringing any bells at the moment.
  3. NSOs - NATO Sequence of Orders.
  4. NATO Sequence of Orders:

    Situation, Mission, Execution, Admin, Command and Signal.

    SMEAC if you need to make it into an acronym.
  5. Drop me a PM with your details on and i'll email you a scanned copy of the one's i got on my LRCC.
  6. I'll give that a miss, thanks. I don't want to actually read them; I just needed to know what they were. :)
    The new name/issue for an old thing, it seems.
  7. Orders
    “Standby to receive orders” x3
    1. Prelims
    Seating /Marching
    2. Serial / Situation
    Operational/ Intelligence / Forces
    3. Mission Repeated x2
    4. Execution
    Phase 1Route Out (Navigator)
    Phase 2Actions on target
    Phase 3Route Back
    Phase 4De-brief
    Rules /Constraints / key timings
    5. Support Issues
    Dress /Equipment
    6. Command andCommunications
    Comms / callsigns / frequencies
    Chain of Command
    7. Safety Issues
    8. Questions
    9. Next Serial 007-663

    PracticalLeadership Task Orders

    Think forthe full two minutes.

    “Stand by to receiveorders” x3

    1. Prelims

    Nominate timekeeper

    Site Brief


    2. Serial / Situation

    PracticalLeadership training

    3. Mission Repeated x2

    Read Mission & constraints from card.

    4. Execution

    Phase 1 - Myplan is.. KISS/Clear/confident

    Phase 2 –Any questions Suggestions / amend plan

    Phase 3 – Myfinal plan is… Confirm Understanding

    5. Support Issues

    Dress /Equipment

    6. Command &Communications

    Chain ofCommand (I/C 2IC, 1[SUP]st[/SUP] aid etc)

    7. Safety Issues.

    Lifting /ropes / 1[SUP]st[/SUP] aid kit / phone


    8. Questions

    9. Next Serial

    Prep kit - SMART
    Executeplan Direct – Motivate Evaluate

  8. Makes me glad my niche requires no leadership ability :)

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