What immunizations would I have had when joining RM???

hello all,

am new to the forum, joined RM in 2003, am out now and have misplaced all my records...........

am traveling to africa soon and need to know what jabs i would have had at lymptstone??

any help would be much appreciated!

aup mate,
For a good guess from when I went in Army training and what I know of jabwise Its polio, tetanus, meningitis, flu and tyroid (not sure on the last one) jabs if you mean that sort of immunisation


Standard Service immunizations:

Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio
Hepatitis A
Yellow Fever
Men C (in the last few years, age dependent)

DTP lasts 10 years, Hep A 10 years, Typhoid 3 years, Yello Fever 10 years, Men C is a one-off.

It is likely a few of yours are now out of date. CTC will not have any records at all - ex-Service docs are held in storage in Glasgow (I think). Check with your (civvy) GP as they should be recorded there.
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