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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by (granny), Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I was updating my autobiography yesterday and suddenly had a thought. What if, at various points in my life, I had done something different, how would my life have turned out. For instance in 1954 I was recommended to change branches to 'Jack Dusty'. I did training on board the 'Bermuda' but was turned down by Lord Louis, the C in C Med Fleet. If I had been allowed to change branches would I have met my wife, had children and Grandchildren? Anyone else out there ever thought...'What if'?
  2. Yeah, what if I hadn't met and married the two timing money squandering lying bitch. :evil: :evil:
    I would be quite a substansially wealthy old dog now.
    But there again I wouldn't have my kids.

    Flip side, I met my present missus so cai sera sera. :D :D
  3. What if i had gone for PTI as i was advised to by our Pti on the Dev instead of progresing in the Gunnery branch,think of all the furkin white socks i would have had to dohbi, :lol:
  4. What if Drafty had not decided I was ideal for Submarines against my better judgement.He was right I was wrong.
  5. Autobiography? Granny :wink: "It's a poor sort of memory that only works backwards!." Lewis Carrol
  6. Snap, but I never let him know though :lol:
  7. Had a choice of two secondary schools. Met a guy at the one I went to and he had decided to join the navy. Got me thinking so decided to do it as well. Wouldn't have even entered my mind otherwise, and my adult life would have been totally different. Thanks shipmate I owe you one.
  8. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    It would be clever if I could write of my future! Where did I put my crystal ball? Never mind I don't want to know what's down the line for me. At my age it may all be bad news! I have enough trouble remembering the past.
  9. What if.....

    when a certain lad in my 5th year at school asked me "so you think you're hard then ****?", I'd have replied "no, not really", instead of "harder than you, you fat cnut".....then maybe he wouldn't have put my tooth through my bottom lip and knocked another one out!
    Oh well, we live and learn...or do we?
  10. Yeah I have one...

    I was all set to join the Army, but was forced into going for a TA AOSB (Territorial Army Army Officer Selection Voard) too early when I wasn't ready.

    Failing it made me stop, think about what I really wanted to do with life. I realised all I wanted to do was fly, that I couldn't bring myself to join the RAF and that the Army pilots only fly for a small part of their career.

    Year and a Half on, successful FATS and a very good AIB score i'm off to BRNC in September, to be a Naval Aviator, and I couldn't think of anything i'd rather be doing.

    If i'd have passed I'd be going into the Army at less pay, worse job, worse career development, and I wouldn't even be flying, i'd be a tank (ie Target) commander. So, thanks Westbury!
  11. As was the practise in the UK during the first world war where I originally hail from, it was the practise that a load of mates would all join up together.
    Two of my best mates from the town I was raised in did this.
    If I had returned to my homeland and not joined the RN, I might very well have gone with them.
    They both joined the Australian Infantry and went to Vietnam. One was killed and the other quite severely injured to the extent of a wheelchair for life.
    Than god for impulsive decisions and the RN. 8O
  12. I always thought that drafties job was to make a balls up of matelots lives, so he was probably chuckling to himself, not realising you were as happy as a pig in shit. The b..steward would have had to really cock things up to put it right by the drafty code had he known.
  13. Er, let me think............Sugar babes,......Girls Allowed, need I go on? :D :D
  14. Good point, well made sir! :lol:

    Say no more!

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