? What If.....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by The_Caretaker, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. ? What If.....!
  2. ....we could have MPs with integrity who didn't demand extortinate and obscene and thoroughly underserved salary increases.... :x
  3. Yeah,that demand for a 66% payrise started a very Shitty day for me!!!
  4. Turds came in square blocks?
  5. Tony Blair resigned!
  6. The fleet air arm took over all flying commitments from the RAF
  7. The para's admitted that when compared with the green beret their berets were just crap hats
  8. We have known that for years and have been telling them as well.
  9. .......the only liquid you could drink was beer and rum!!! :D :D :D :D
  10. ...that those on well above average salaries paid for by the taxpayer, with generous pensions who moan about being paid too little practiced what they preached to their own low-paid staff: if you don't like it, do a second job or leave for a better paid job elsewhere! :x
  11. That's proberly why the Royals lost there £3000, was to pay for the MP's rise
  12. Guy Fawkes could come back now, right now, and it worked ... ah bliss
  13. ................ Katherine of Aragon had given birth to healthy son?

    Hell! I've just frightened myself.
  14. Anne Boleyn didnt have 6 fingers?
  15. ... the Chancellor actually increased the Military Budget over and above inflation [enough to ensure that we weren't fighting over the costs of pencils] and then didn't ask for cash back later in the financial year.

  16. ...the Rum Ration were reintroduced (for ALL public sector employees)? Mmmmmmmmmmm :D
  17. What he said, and increased pay as well (well, can but hope :) )
  18. It does - it's called the Palace of Westminster....... :lol:
  19. Whitemouse wrote: "it's called the Palace of Westminster".

    Ouch! No new years gong for then mate. :lol:


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