The RAF to be disbanded immediately and all of its assets shared between the RN and The Army.
All Naval dockyards to be reopened with the emergency building of 10 Fleet Aircraft Carriers and an abundance of Submarines and surface Ships.
All French Women bar the ugly ones to be shagged when and whenever.
All Colonies to be reclaimed forthwith.
All serving Matelots and ex Matelots to be given second homes in the land of their choice.
Sod it, after Tot Time, ugly French Women to be shagged as well.


War Hero
you forgot to Reopen all RNH's Worldwide,QARRN's only to be recruited if they look tasty,pot boilers and wanna be stokers need not apply!


Book Reviewer
higthepig said:
All Colonies to be reclaimed forthwith.
You sure about the all? Yes I fully agree with reclaiming coloinies that provide either a damn good run ashore or potential for overseas drafts, but are you really sure we want the Septics back?
Well no chance of the Home Sec's job now see my post on Nazi's. Back to House Of Common Shit House Sweeper I suppose

Nutty said:
Well no chance of the Home Sec's job now see my post on Nazi's. Back to House Of Common Shit House Sweeper I suppose

Quite the contrary. You have demonstrated why you this country NEEDS you as Home Secretary NOW. Come back! If you've read my post on our Nazi Orientated Friend cum Journo cum Walt (is it really Sam?) Nutty it will probably piss you off - at one part of it will... Ooops... but I'm glad I've got it off my chest.

Stand aside Reid... your replacement will be returning from Portugal soon!


War Hero
Dunkers wrote: How about a separate National Service Army? - i.e. we already have the Regular Army and Terretorial Army; how about another one purely for national service purposes.

Great idea!. We can start the manning process with the whinging fire-fighters and send them on operations with fifty year old equipment.

There should be a legal obligation to mean what you say and say what you mean. Spin should be punishable by use of the whirligig on the offending political operator! :twisted:



War Hero
Isn't there already some sort of ploicy on speaking plain English? Interesting that all politicians feel they have to speak as if they're extras in an epidode of Yes Prime Minister. Must be a special school for them to learn in.



Lantern Swinger
If the tot is to be reintroduced as part of the RR manifesto, may i suggest to the honorable gentlemen that it be back dated? :p


Minister for the Navy – Edward Heath, he used to have a yacht. Morning Cloud I do believe.

Yeh, and it sank, off Bognor :p
I think you made your case :D
Bathyman said:
Minister for the Navy – Edward Heath, he used to have a yacht. Morning Cloud I do believe.

Yeh, and it sank, off Bognor :p
I think you made your case :D
Well he was an Honorary Member of the RNSA - so he can be an exception. As it seems we can select our Cabinet from the disceased may I nominate Admiral Mike LeFanu (Dry Ginge) as Minister of Spirits, Enoch Powell as Minister of Multicultural Affairs and Owain Glendower as Agri-Culture Secretary :lol:
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