War Hero
The one thing I’ve noted in the time that I’ve been subscribing to this wonderful site is the wide range of opinions that exist between us.

Supposing that, in an alternate reality, we had to form a government from our ranks. Who would we put up as Prime Minister? Who would tale prezza’s job? Chancellor anyone?

This is not a competition – it’s just for fun. I'm not suggesting a coup or anything - primarily because only Lingyai has any experience in those matters. I’ll start with:

Minister for Health - Andym?
Minister for the Navy – Nutty?
Foreign Office – Lingyai?

Anymore for anymore? :roll:

Minister Without Portfolio for me!

That means I can have my snout in the trough without actually bothering to look as though I'm doing anything.


War Hero
Steve ACC for Prime minister as he`s the nearest thing we`ve got to Maggie Thatcher.

And Dabs for Home Secretary, 8O zero tolerance !!

UA as First Lord of the Admiralty

Dunkers as King Dunkers I

Andy as Minister of Health, Pharmaceuticals and Train Spotters

AAC as Keeper of the Golden Rivet

Geoffrey as Waltcatcher to the King

Nutty as Home Secretary and Defender of Liberal Fundimentalism

Jenny_D as Archbishop of Canterbury

Dabs as Head of the Diplomatic Corps

Janner as Principal Submariner to the Realm

Greenie as Minister of Energy

Geoff_Wessex as Royal Yachtmaster

Higgy as PM

Lingy as Foreign Secretary

Maxi (a safe pair of hands) as Chancellor of the Exechequer

Sandy as Minister of Teenagers

Rosie as Lord Chancellor

The PO Stoker as her Trainbearer

Nicks as Deputy PM

The_Matelot as Minister of Geriatrics

Gray as Emeritus Professor of Life, the Universe and Everything

SF as Mr.Speaker

Womps as Secretary of State for Social Security

Imom as Chief Manual Life Jacket Inflatability Tester

dt018a9667 as Beer Bosun

Slim as Minister of Gays

Brigham as Minister of Yoof

WarMonger as Peace Envoy to the UN.....

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