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What have you said that's made your other half laugh themselves silly?


Lantern Swinger
Walking back from the local pub today, the wife pointed out a huge dog, possibly a wolf hound, being walked at the local park.
I replied "I bet it can shit!" causing the wife to nearly wet herself laughing!!

Is this normal? Has anyone else made their other half laugh so much?

Norway Chris

A few years ago we were out walking and a shitehawk dropped a load on her shoulder,i said "good job cows cant fly",,, , pissed herself laughing, :)


War Hero
Attempting to "helicopter" my tadger in her general direction, whilst say "yes be afraid be very afraid!" seemed to do the trick.


War Hero
I'll tell you what didn't make her laugh!
Her names Claire,so I wandered back from a session and went to bed the she followed and as I knew she was awake and thought I was asleep I mumbled "That was great tonight Mary!" you could feel the shock! I said "You are all I ever wanted in a Woman Mary,I do love you so much!"
Keeping an eye out for a frying pan I said "Is that you Mary?"
My wife leaned over and said "Yes this is Mary! tell me more!
I was pissing myself so I said" I'm leaving her for you my Love,don't worry she can keep the 7 kids as they get on my nerves and we'll be free"I kept it up for a while but;
I could tell she was getting wound up so I started to laugh but it took a while to forgive me.
Also we bought a old Vicarage a bit in the wilds and she was nervous at times.I noticed the wardrobe door closed by itself so I tied a bit of black thread to it,ran it under the bed then at night I pulled it and the door opened,I let it go and it closed.
My wife shook me and said "The Wardrobe doors opening and closing by itself" I told her not to be silly and go back to sleep and I kept doing it until she nearly freaked.
I told her after and she did laugh,a bit, but she's done as much to me.
Things you do when your wife says she has a headache.


War Hero
During the last two years of my first marriage, I went foreign for twelve months and forgot to tell her I was flying out.
She did seem a tad pissed at me when I phoned from Adelaide, but I think that was more to do with the fact I cancelled my allotment before I flew.
That woman was so easy to flash.
Most of what I say, my missus laughs at - don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not really ?? ...... I tell her it is ONT (old navy training) :)


War Hero
Book Reviewer
Class trick my mum played on my dad after they were first married - my dad has never been able to pay her back for it.

Dad was out the front washing the car on the communal car park. The hosepipe he was using came through the kitchen window and connected to the cold tap, which was on full blast obviously in order to create enough pressure.

Mum was doing a degree at the time and supposed to be revising for her exams at the kitchen table. Instead, she decided she was bored and wanted to annoy my dad. Creeping just out of sight to the kitchen tap, she very slowly turned the tap down and eventually off. Dad kept looking at the window but couldn't see mum who was ducking out of sight.

My dad, being a lovable eejit, then looked down the hosepipe. My mum, seeing her chance, turned the tap on full blast again dousing my dad from head to foot in freezing cold water.

When he came in a few seconds later, mum was curled on the floor in hysterics. Apparently she couldn't speak coherently for quite some time as every time she tried to she'd begin crying with laughter.

He's never forgiven her or got her back, and she's never forgotten.
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