what have you done?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Rumrat, Jul 15, 2010.

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  1. Since leaving the Andrew with a pension, I have been lucky enough to be able to do my choice of job as opposed to what I have had to do.
    My CV includes employment poles apart as I struggled to find a vocation that satisfied my mind and was physical enough to motivate me.
    I worked for a Birmingham gangster as a door man, but found myself drifting(getting sucked into) things that were not nice if not illegal.
    I have been in the police, fire service, and Ambulance driving then became a paramedic.
    I have worked the doors of a lot of big clubs, and some not too reputable establishments. :) :)
    I have owned/operated taxi's, been a bus/coach driver, and as I left the Andrew with an HGV licence(two dock strikes) I have had various wagon driving jobs.
    I retired at 60, and only work now when I want, usually spraying cars, or repairing the odd spondufer.
    I am on the verge of receiving substantial awards for my injuries so I do not envisage working again, unless I feel the urge. :D 8)
  2. Your not planning on leaving us are you RR..??

    Sounds like the final review of your natural before curling your toes up!!
  3. Always handy to some Obit. material :wink:
  4. Friggin hell do you know something mate, only my clock stopped working today so if I'm not on the air tomorrow...... 8O :cry: :cry: :cry:
  5. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    What have i done?

    I cannot say on an open forum due to legal implications and the fact i never got planning permission to build my "Bunker".
  6. What have I done?

    Loads and loads of recreational drugs and a few un-recreational ones too.

    A girl who was in Hollyoaks. (Not the fat ginger one)
  7. What have i Done?.

    After leaving moved to Germany ( home of Mrs A_C). Went to Uni, got a degree, then a good job.

    Took a golden handshake at age 55. And now work as freelance consultant
    when i feel like it :D
  8. I took a degree whilst still in the Andrew (they paid) and even gave me time out to take my finals and exams at uni. :)
    There seems to be a few "shy" buggers on here, trying the secret squirrel bull shit 8O :wink:
    Don't be shy, Blackrat, bunkers ain't work anyhow, there recreational, tell us about them in "Crafts and Hobbies". :)
  9. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I've done drinking, acting, whoring, presenting, promoting, dodging, showing, driving and disapearing. Apart from that fcuk all.
  10. You forgot the dancing !!!! :eek:
  11. Another shy gayer.
    A real man would fess up to tap dancing talent. :D :roll:
  12. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Sssh....dont tell....or I'll mention camping.... :p

    Long time, hows it going Pol?
  13. I haven't joined the Andrew yet but I used to work in a sex shop.
  14. You don't know me :roll: right :wink:
  15. Maybe you should write your memoirs Rumrat.... if you remember any of it that is :D
  16. The mention of the sex shop had me reminiscing a little I must say, and not good memories either.
    I went to stoke on Trent to collect a debt from a geezer who had borrowed money to launch his sex shop, and then done a runner.
    Now with the bloke who lent him the dosh it was not the money but the principal, so he tells me and J "Anything you collect is yours, just get it from him". He owes Mr B £3000,a fortune then, so me and J would have walked to Stoke for that kind of dosh.
    We did get the money, but I got two teeth drafted, and three broken fingers. J got two ribs bruised and one broken, and two broken fingers.
    And whenever I see a film where a fellow gets thrown down a flight of stairs, and lands in a heap, I think "I've done that" 8O :oops: :D
  17. Sounds like Commodores nightclub in Guzz in the '70's
  18. Yes that seems familiar as well, but never had the pleasure of leaving that way there. :D :wink:
  19. When I debt collected, always had shit loads of money, but I had so many black eyes the neighbours thought I was half panda. :oops: :D :cry:
  20. Or the Birdcage. :D

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