What Happens when you report a group on Facebook?


Lantern Swinger
As the title suggests, I was wondering what happens when you report a "Group" page on Facebook and even if there is any point in doing this.

The reason for the question is that there is a "Group" called, "Is Captain Robert Falcon Scott a Dick?"

Captain Robert Falcon Scott was a true hero of his generation, who played for the highest stakes possible and payed in full with his own life, as well as those of his comrades. As such was and still is the case, I find it galling to see a group page like this in the public domain.

I went looking for a Scott page to add to my "Likes", after being blown away yet again by another account of his ill-fated expedition ("Great White Silence" on Sky) and was unhappy at finding this group, using an image of the great man himself with a cock and balls drawn on his head, on it's title page

Welcome to Facebook

Is this worth me or anybody else trying to do something about, or am I just being childish? Any Thoughts?

Dont think I would worry to much about it shipmate. Seen as it only has 6 members after 2 years and the drawing of said penis looks like what a 4 year old can do with Paint in 2 minutes. The bloke who made it has probably forgotten he even did it after discovering the magazines on the top shelf of the newsagent have pictures of "ladygardens" in them.
Compared to some of the provocative threads on Rum Ration, I think the group almost qualifies as academic debate. Most of my reading has been about Shackleton, so I don't have a balanced view to add to the Scot = Dick debate, so sorry that I can't contribute.
Sounds like a rampant Trollfest, but as mentioned, havent we had better off Norm? FB cant even keep the prossers and kiddie fiddlers at bay, I think they have more than one or two WUMs making numb nuts groups designed to irritate
Scott was born in Milehouse Plymouth just up the road from the bus depot. The Scott memorial at Mount Wise Plymouth is a fitting tribute to the men and Scott who took part in that expedition.
He did have it easy this end, as there was a direct bus route to the Dockyard with a bus stop right outside his house. He would of course of had to pay extra for his skiing equipment. Couldn't see any bus stops when I landed at South Georgia in 82 though.^^
Seriously though, how do you know he wasn't a dick? Have you met him?

Dicks can still be heroes (just look at Ranulph Fiennes) and to be fair, most people over the rank of Commander tend to be utter dog's cocks.
"Group" called, "Is Captain Robert Falcon Scott a Dick?" Must be a bunch of ********* them selves.

Surely it should be called "Was Captain Robert Falcon Scott a Dick?"

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