What happens to sundodgers when they get to Captain?


I agree with the previous two posts. I served with Tarrant when he was a junior officer, and I couldn't have met a nicer bloke, I even met him later in his career when he was a three ringer and riding Torbay and he was nice then. The vast majority of COs get a bit grouchy at times especially when people are not pulling their weight. Jesus Nick Harrap could dish out mega bollockings even when he was an XO. He was proven not guilty, IMHO you shouldn't be in boats if you can't take a bollocking in public now and again.


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Captain Bligh was not only exonerrated, he was promoted Commander.

Still a SKIMMER though.


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Have a look at the record of Admiral Sir Cloudsley Shovell!He is long since dead.If youre ever in the neighbourhood of Westminster Abbey his Memorial is on the East wall and makes fascinating reading!


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PompeySailor said:
Lombard had 40+ other offences to consider - it was too late for doing a Blunkett. White was unfortunate in that he never got to court (never got the chance to clear his name or not) - and also you have to consider Herman (ex-QHM). He was taken to court over child porn, when in fact it turned out that he had purchased access to a naked wrestling site, not really child porn. Because of the allegations, his house was attacked, he was attacked and ostracised, his career was checked (sideways move), and the stigma will follow him for ever.
I had Tom Herman as a Captain of a boat. Great guy.