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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Morgan21, Oct 4, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone, just wondering what happens if you fail a specific part of the submariner medical, do you get medically discharged? Or do they offer a surface fleet job?

    Also a question for AngryDoc ( I PMed you, but was having trouble sending it, so don't know if it went through.)
    I spoke to somebody who has passed the submariner medical at Raleigh, and he told me there is a part where you have to demonstrate that you could clear your ears, well when I pinch my nose and blow, I get a lot of pressue in my ears, then it takes me a couple minutes to equilize them again, is this normal?

    Cheers, Morgan.
  2. If I was AD which of course I am not I would start charging for these private consultations.
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  3. My ears were all over the place re poping a clearing, when I did the pressure pot at Dolphin I had no problems, stop worrying about what has not happened yet?
  4. Sumo

    I understand that nowadays new entries, from the start choose either Surface Fleet or Boats.
    What happens to those that chose SM and then when they join their first boat find out it`s not for them.
    Do they get a chance to transfer or are they out on their ear ?
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  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's not really a medical call beyond the fact the individual passes the submariner medical (Brain scan: Nothing found = "You're in") or he doesn't.

    Those failing to meet the medical standards for entry for submariner, but who meet the medical standards for entry into another branch may exceptionally be considered for that branch.

    It's not as simple as as just transferring them onto another branch as there is other criteria which must be met such as academic qualifications, recruiting test scores, additional medical standards (eyesight, hearing, colour perception etc., etc). The other factor is that some branches only have one or two courses a year - you can bet your last ha'penny pusser won't pay someone 11 months worth of wages whilst they wait to start with a new intake of their new branch. In most cases I'm afraid it's discharge, wait, re-join.
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  6. Ac and OP, when I left 5 years ago I was at Raleigh looking after the youngsters in Phase 2. We lost a few as, as you say AC, they join up as submariners so if they failed the medical is it was goodnight sweetheart unless there were exceptional circumstances but that was the docs and PSO's decision. If they don't like it when they get to a boat then tough, you do your 5 years and then leave or try for gens.
  7. NS and Wrecks

    Thanks for the Info :happy2:

  8. All changed in the last 37 years. Was given the option sign disclaimer, Go Gens or Discharge. I signed a disclaimer I dont think I would have got in if present rules applied then.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Funny old thing - the standards for entry are more stringent than at any time in the last 30 or more years.

    Paradoxically, if I were able to interview myself now when I joined in 1981, I'd probably tell myself to do one.
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  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeah - the sight of a 16-year old in a Chief's uniform with a chestful of medals would be enough to make anyone suspicious... :oops:
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  11. Image1.jpg

    he he ... I'll get my coat!
  12. They have 60 stewards on each boat?
  13. No need for the coat, that's a septic boat :mrgreen:
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  14. Don’t worry about it, the first time you snort in a bit of roughers, your eardrums will be hanging out of your ears, no need to hold your nose and blow ever again.
  15. After signing on in gens, unless sport related I did not volunteer for sod all, sent to boats from Mech’s, dutifully failed medical, not able to satisfy vitalograph, (spirometer these days) was told a few months previous I would have been on the next bus back to Colling-grad but the boat service were after experienced Mech's and not a bunch of baby tiff's, they had to many of them already, so they sent me to INM monthly for a year, for full lung function tests, whilst maintainer training at Dolphin, towards the end of the year the Capt. doc asked was my visits to INM affecting my career so I told him my predicament, he passed me fit for Tank escape training. A year after my class I went through the escape training wet.
    I was good at failing medicals a few weeks after escape training, whilst in drake I failed my Royal Arthur medical, I had just done tank escape training and finished Brickwoods Field gun, goes home tells misses not going on holiday any more. Following week called back to sick bay, my med docs had arrived from Dolphin; doc says you did not tell me a Capt. Surgeon had recently passed me fit for tank, I said you were doing the medical and asking the Q’s any you did not ask if I had recently passed a medical? (I no volunteer anything) Bugger he passed me fit for Royal Arthur, holiday back on. Went to see PTI’s for pre fitness check, did my 1.5Mile run in 11:59 (12mins allowed) PTI looked at me funny and said do you know your time I said yes no wasted effort, he was well pissed.
    PO Doc failed me for a PULEEM, wheeled me in to see CDR Doc, Rugby man, told the PO to not be stupid I was a prop forward and supposed to be that size and shape.
    Anther PO Doc from my boat failed me for my buttons medical, when he wheeled me in to see the Doc in Faslav, it was the Doc and PO doc from the tank when I did my Escape training, all he said was you look like you have lost some weight since we last saw you, passed fit for buttons, PO doc from boat gutted.
    I also failed my joining medical as being 2.5 stones overweight for age, but the Doc said he could not see where I was hiding the extra weight, as a lad into Rugby, Judo, weights and fitness training 7 days a week.
    So as you can see I made a career of failing medicals, the issue of where big sports men do not fit into the doc Mr average tick box. Apparently the whole of the British rugby team are medically classed as morbidly obese?
    failed all pusser medicals, normally on weight, size-est. bar-stewards,:sad10:=-\\\\\\\\:pirate::toothy8:
  16. So what your saying Sumo, is that your a fat twat!
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  17. Used to have a big powerful, muscular chest, it now seems to have slipped about a foot, around my middle bit.:lol::lol::frustrated::frustrated:
  18. Semantics Dear Boy ... Semantics!
  19. You sure? No hydroplanes on fin etc?

  20. Sumo, was that DOLPHIN gun crew? I ran for them a few times, and COLLINGRAD. I too had to 'prove' my Vitalograph for boats at INM.

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