What happens if you fail Royal Marine PJFT

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ryan1234, Mar 21, 2010.

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  1. For any reason maybe you're 30 seconds over on the run, can you still apply for a RN job that you put down as one of your choices as you'd be able to complete the Royal Navy fitness tests? Or must you re-sit everything once again?
    - I hope this isn't a stupid question.. also what happens if you can't keep up with the fitness for the 32 weeks basic training? Can you leave and then wait for Phase One training with the RN to start your second choice job?
  2. Re: What happens if you fail PJFT

    You get another date to do a 2nd or 3rd go at it.
  3. Re: What happens if you fail PJFT

    When did it become 32 weeks from 9?
  4. Re: What happens if you fail PJFT

    I'm pretty sure you're allowed 3 attempts.

    You're on a treadmill, you can up your speed if you see you're lagging a bit.

    30 seconds of a bit of discomfort, or a whole career missed? Get your head down and smash it.
  5. Re: What happens if you fail PJFT

    Actually, if you fail a piss basic fitness test, you shouldn't be in the RN .full stop.

    Either get your lardy arse down the gym or f*ck off and join the RAF.
  6. Re: What happens if you fail PJFT

    Hi Ryan,

    Think about it. You don't keep up with the fitness programme, don't pass the RN Fitness Test then leave Phase 1 training.

    At the moment there are hundreds (if not thousands) of applicants waiting for a place who can pass the fitness tests. How likely is it that they'd let you try again? Wouldn't they just let all the other more suitable applicants go ahead of you?
  7. Re: What happens if you fail PJFT

    Royal Marine basic training - Sorry I forgot to include this.

    Sorry I've completely messed up this thread.. been a very long day haha. I mean if I fail the 3 day selection for marines can I take my other choice in the Royal Navy?

    Sorry I meant if I fail Royal Marine pre joining fitness tests - 3 day selection.
  8. Re: What happens if you fail PJFT

    Firstly you'll find it's called the potential Royal Marines Course (PRMC). If you fail the PRMC the RM selection team will tell you when and if you can re-try the PRMC. Or you could tell your CA that the RM's isn't for you and ask them what other jobs are open to you based on your selection test scores


  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    To follow on from SM:

    The Royal Marine PJFT is in two halves. The treadmill has a 2 degree incline. The first 2.4Km run needs to be completed in just under 12 mins 30 secs, a minute pause, then the second 2.4Km run completed best effort in less than 10 mins 30 secs.

    The RN PJFT (except Divers) for blokes under 26 is just a 2.4 km trot on a flat treadmill in under 12 mins 20 secs. (10 mins for Divers)

    In all cases those failing their first PJFT or failing to take it within 28 days of passing the medical, must retake in 8 weeks & again (if permitted a 3rd go), dwelling a pause of a further 8 weeks.

    To be honest those failing the RM PJFT once are a concern, those failing twice are better off thinking about joining in a trade besides Royal Marine or Diver because three attempts at a PJFT for RM is a complete nonsense.

    If you fail PRMC you may wish to change your branch of choice & perhaps join the RN - you will need to be re-interviewed. If you fail a physical element of RM Recruit Training, you can expect to become a civilian. If recommended further service, you may wish to start the selection process again for RN.
  10. Perhaps you should stop worrying and start training.. you don't exactly sound committed to joining the Royal Marines...
  11. Better get your running shoes on.
  12. I'm interested in joining I'm still looking into it and considering my options. If i'm offered it after my test has taken place I'll seriously consider it. I just want to weigh up the good and bad points before choosing a career path to go down. My personal fitness level is good and I'm more than happy to push myself to get fitter as the marines is a very physically demanding job and I like that.
    Once again I'm just looking at the good and bad points.
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