What happens if I move?

Hi guys
I've been trying, with no luck, to get hold of my AFCO this week to get this answered so thought I'd ask you guys.

I'm currently just about to do my PJFT and my parents have told me that they plan to move to Belfast this summer. My question is what happens if I go with them? Honestly it would make more sense to go as I am not currently in the position to move out.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
The first thing you must do is to speak with a Belfast accent, thus avoiding getting spit at. Jump and roll when loud bangs occur and avoid the peace wall at all costs. :D

On a serious note, the AFCO can be informed at either end, and I presume are not stupid enough to disqualify your application due to your revised geographic position.
Ninja stoker will be along soon and will tell you everything you could wish to know. He will also probably pose the question,"Why could you not physically attend the AFCO if phone calls fail"?
Well, goto you AFCO colser to the date you go and tell them you will be moving. Give them the new address, the date you leave and the nearest AFCO you would like the application transferring to. They then transfer your electronic record there and post them you pack which has all your paperwork in etc.

Iv just moved from exeter to liverpool and had to do the same. its painless and when you get to Belfast pop in after a few days to the AFCO there and get the ball rolling again. Good luck with the PJFT too

http://www.royalnavy.mod.uk/careers-offices/northen-ireland/belfast might be useful :)
Thanks for the help guys! Very useful, and the reason I havent been to my AFCO in person is because I only found out this week and didnt have a day off from work mid week to go see them, They dont like people coming in on mondays because they do they RT tests and fridays they take people for the PJFT. But hopefully I can shoot up this week!
lol no not a junkie but i do see how bad thats sounds!

Well actually we're going back so we did move away from belfast, to scotland, and now we're going back!

Good times!
flying_hopeful said:
lol no not a junkie but i do see how bad thats sounds!

Well actually we're going back so we did move away from belfast, to scotland, and not we're going back!

Good times!

Are you applying for Officer?
No, not at all.

It's just that when I read your first post, about not being able to get in touch with your AFCO for a week, I got this gut feeling that you didn't really mean getting in touch with your "AFCO"; the AFCO is the Careers Office as a whole and you couldn't try for a week and not get some sort of response. I felt that you meant to say that you had been trying to get in touch with your ACLO (Area Careers Liaison Officer), the AFCO Officer who deals with Officer applications. Some of them can be quite peripatetic.

When I looked at your screen name, Flying Hopeful, I said to myself "yes, he/she wants to go in as a Pilot (Officer); he/she has been trying to get in touch with an ACLO".
yeah your right. Sorry. To be fair though I was running out the door to work but desparatly wanted to get my question answered so I could speak to my boss at work. Minor details I probably would have corrected if I'd had the time.

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