What happens if Bush uses his veto?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Apr 27, 2007.

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  1. Bush vows veto of Iraq funding bill

    This is one for our American members. Both houses have now voted on this bill and it now goes to Bush. If he veto's it what happens?
    Is the office of President of the United States so powerful that he can in effect be a dictator?

    If he disregards these elected politicians, do they have the power to remove him from office?

  2. He does have the power to veto this bill and nothing will be done; in fact, he can keep shooting down any bills he likes, although this will diminish his support among Cngress and the House even further than it already is.

    The House and Congress can effectively force a withdrawal by including a time to get out of Iraq on every budget bill they send for approval.

    If Bush gets too far out of hand, he'll be put up for impeachment (at which point i will jump for joy).
  3. Thanks Jarhead
    I think a lot of people would be joining you in your jumping.
  4. Shrub can always be relied on to piss up a drainpipe.
  5. There will just be the usual gridlock in American politics like there has been for years.American politics by design are usually always gridlocked with the House,Senate and President usually all in disagreement over everything!
    Maybe thats why the States is such a succesful country,as Politicians can't interfere as much as they do in modern Britain!
  6. oh, one codicil; the senate can over turn a presidential veto with a 2/3 majority. to show you how close this last vote was, it was 55-45 (or thereabouts); well short of a 2/3 majority.
  7. Jarhead hit all the highpoints. It's basically a game of pass the hot potato with every toss being judged in the Court of Public Opinion. Eventually one side will cave in. President Bush won't, I feel, cave in. I mean either the GOP or Democrats in Congress will cave in. Then either the GOP will join in to override the veto. Or the Democrats will cave in and sign over the money. (Then when the next budget gets debated this fall it all starts again but for even higher stakes.)

    One other thing of note. Word is the Democrats are going to deliver the funding bill to President Bush next Tuesday. That being the 4th anniversary of the "Mission Accomplished" speech. That puts in a little extra twist of the knife. Bare-knuckle politics.


    (In case British youngsters aspiring to a life in the RN grow confused over this photo, the great grey thing holding up the 'Mission Accomplished' banner is one of them 'aircraft carriers' old-timers talk about from time to time. They are kit in some navies. 8) (Sorry but if I just kept posting with a civil tongue what would you lot come to think of me? :lol: )
  8. Surely he will have to pull the troops out before he nukes Iran, the fallout would be bad for their health...or will he use neutron bombs?
  9. I think the 2nd half of his plan is to let the winds blow that stuff east over Pakistan.
  10. Dubya can't pull out of Iraq -----------they haven't found
    the weapons of mass destruction yet . The iraqi's will use them eventually.
    At the moment they are managing quite well without them.

    Now now UG -------we don't want any aircraft carriers yet :lol: :lol:

    Mind you after inventing catapults .landing mirrors,angled decks and of course armoured flight decks we have decided to give it a rest and see if we can get some decent fixed wing aircraft first :lol: :lol:
  11. Well I must tick off four points in a row for Greenie here. All I can say in my defense is I didn't have to look those up to know he was right. So score a small moral victory for the landlubber. I've got a Bass ale in the fridge to toast Greenie, and also to his news the FAA is finally ready to retire the Fairey Swordfish. Cheers!
  12. Since there is not an overwhelming majority in either house for either party his veto will stand. It is perfectly alright for Congress to either fund or defund the military. It is not alright for them to act as 535 generals. Both have defined powers under the Constitution. A compromise will be reached with both sides claiming victory. The voters will make the final decision in 2008.

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