What happens during a usual year of service..??

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ml05039, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. Hello Rum Ration!!

    Im a long time reader and enjoyer of many of the humourous posts on this site and now first time poster! Im currently post sift, awaiting a date for my AIB and I have searched high and low trying to find out what exactly it is that servicemen get up to when not away at sea?! I am meeting a friend of mine's father next week who is a merlin pilot in the RN and this is high on my list of questions for him! Ive already spoke to his son and his answer was 'get boozed up and chase women'! I would be extremely grateful if someone could confirm this as accurate intel! :p

    Many thanks in advance!

  2. Hi ML!

    Welcome to Rum Ration!

    There is no tangible homogeneity in this demographic which you call "servicemen". How a single 20 year old spends his leave and how a married 40 year old with two children spends his are going to be different, don't you think?
  3. Thanks Soleil for an intelligible response..!
    I completely agree that such differing age groups would surely spend their leave period in vastly different manners. It was purely an error in my part on semantics as I don't have much family history in the RN (my grand father was in the merchant Navy during WWII, thats about it!) so the whole regular year of work in the forces is something that is a new concept to me and one which I am trying to understand!
    Are you saying that once training is over and done with, when one is fully in service so to speak, that when not at sea one is just on leave? Im just trying to understand how the regular year of service works out in general for serving members of the Royal Navy. If I were to be on leave for such a long period, surely there are courses and things I can do to further my involvement/participation within the Navy? I am aware of the expeditions such as hiking and diving that are available during periods of leave.
    Sorry to ramble, I am just really interested in finding out what my life could potentially be like if I were to be granted a place!
    Thanks again
  4. Possibly not though, depends on the morality of said individuals :p Couldnt resist. Isnt there blogs on the RN Website by serving personnel that describes what they are up to?
  5. Erm.. no! Maintenance & training spring to mind!
  6. Hi Scouse,
    Haha yeh thats true, it also depends on whether your facebook status is 'single' or 'in a relationship'!! My friends dad is a bit of a big character so I'm really not surprised that was his response! Ive heard pilots have an ego issue..! :p Im just trying to wrap my head round just how much leave I could expect to have.. Like I said, both my parents are civvies so this really is a new concept to me! Thanks
  7. Assuming you are assigned (appointed in pre-JPA terms) to a ship or FAA squadron, when not at sea (or on operations) you will be preparing to be at sea (or on ops).

    In other words, the engineering department will be carrying out routine maintenance alongside, you may be taking part in whole ship training (eg day running out in the channel or exercises), stores will be ordered etc.

    In addition, you will be undergoing courses to familiarise yourself with new equipment, to prepare you for promotion, personnel will be away on educational courses etc.

    And of course, there is the work associated being a Divisional Officer such as writing reports and so on.

    Edited to add: Your ability to take leave when you want will depend on your ship's programme. If you are at sea or you are needed, then you take your leave when you are told you can take it.
  8. OK thanks chaz, this is the kind of stuff I need to know! Im just trying to build up a picture of what life on land would be like. I intend to join as a Warfare Officer, maybe that will let you give me more detailed advice/info??
  9. Standing by to be corrected... your basic leave allowance is 38 days per leave year, this includes Public Holidays. Not sure about seagoers leave as I've not been on a grey messenger of death in a while!
  10. . As to pilots and ego's.....Im sure people will have views on the WAFU state of mind :p

    Jimbo's response seemed pretty good for what you asked I'd guess :)
  11. Thanks Jimbo, its all good info and helps to build up a picture of real life in the Navy.. Ive read those diaries on the RN website and whilst they provide some good insight, obviously they have to be screened a bit and I guess that maybe some of the reaility is lost.. Its really good to get some 'raw' info from you guys! :p
  12. If its getting raw imput then maybe you should talk to JJ.......he has a special dungeon....I mean cellar for new faces

  13. Thanks a lot TD for posting! Thats really helpful info! Its good to know that theres things that need doing during these periods of leave. Im sure Il appreciate some time off but Ive always been a pretty full on person, I dont like to do nothing for any long period of time! I was a GB U23 full time athlete (rowing) and it is my intention to continue this and row for the Navy and hopefully Combined Forces Rowing Squad if I get in.. Ive heard that if you participate in a sport at a high enough level that you will be granted time to go on training camps and attend competitions etc??
    thanks again
  14. Yes, that's true, but it depends on whether or not you can be spared.
  15. Oh god, please tell me you dont mean JJ as in the website!? jj.am has been the source of freaking out so many of my friends as well as myself for many a year! Id dread to thing the nutter that made that website is skulking around on RR 8O
  16. There is only one nutter on this site. brushteeth
  17. I meant JonnoJonno, the naked, Rezzi wearing scourge of facebook. He's unique but not a nutter. The resident Mad genius is a secret but I'l give a clue.......He likes toothbrush smilies :p
  18. OK that makes sense. But like I said I was a junior International so I dont want to blow my own trumpet but I have competed at a high level and I really love my sport. Im going to try and continue rowing as much as possible in the Navy, it would be even better if I could do that at a truly competitive level! Like you say, I guess Il just have to see what the allowances will be like with regards to time off for sport. I hear there is a rowing team at BRNC although Ive also heard (from the ex head coach of combined forces rowing) that theyre pretty gash...! To be fair though, it will just be nice to jump back in a boat!
  19. If you are good enough at any sport to be able to represent the RN, then your chances of being spared increase rapidly :wink:
  20. haha duly noted..!!
    p.s. just seen how many smilies are actually on offer to RR posters.. truly staggering!! :whax:
    like this guy for example!! where in a convo is this fella necessary I wonder!!

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