What happens at raleigh


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You do put in your preference to which warfare sub branch you'd like to go. However yes sometimes you do get streamed for example as a Golly (EW) or Tazape (UW).

This is changing slowly as the warfare branch is now almost full circle and heading to how it was when it was the Operations Branch (pre warfare title).

It is easily possible to be selected for your LH rate within 2-3 years in the Warfare Branch. But that's down to the individual.

Golly no pot wash (normally)
******* hell Mac, you really are becoming a bitter man:cussing:. I don't remember you WE's being too overworked on the sausage (or any ship for that matter, unless uckers counts as work of course).
Nah not bitter mate, and this wasn't directed at the original poster who seems a bright lad. I'm actually leaving in May with a smile on my face, grateful to what the Navy has given me, but fully aware that I've certainly repaid that with 23yrs loyalty. I turned EC down, for a few reasons, but the main one is that its just time now for some new challenges, exactly stopping me from becoming that bitter Chief Tif pushing against the glass ceiling of being an engineer in the RN.
The rant is just directed at the systematic downgrading of professional standards over the last decade, from the disastrous OM implementation, to the shocking decision of getting rid of the Artificer. To the slow erosion of RN engineering support in favour of Babcock/BAE/Rolls Royce etc, purely because the RN cannot or has no willing to retain their talented and skilled Tifs and Mechanics. This ET policy is a poor mish mash of the two and will fail, leaving the lads who joined as ETs frustrated, demoralised and leaving before they can make a difference as POs and CPOs


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You'll find every branch of the Navy tends to deride any other.

I've yet to witness anyone offer unreserved compliments about another branch of the Armed Forces, come to think of it.

...although to be fair, the SAS are in awe of Stokers. Fact.