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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by IconicBuck, Jan 28, 2013.

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  1. I was reading a couple "blogs" thats recent recruits have put up, but its on a RN official site so it cant be exactly what to expect, more to my worry is the exams that happen... another maths and english one? does anyone know exactly what its about as the site does not specify it.

    Thanks for the help (pre thanks)
  2. You do key skills in Maths and English to see how good you are (or not as the case may be), you also do a LANTERN test (Litracy And Numeracy TEst RN which is a two tier system, you have to reach the the upper tier to be eligible for promotion.

    You can do the LANTERN test as many times as you like during your career if you don't hack it first time around, it replaced the old NAMET us older farts had to do.
  3. So am i right in thinking that this lantern test is important but at the same time not so as you can just retake later in life? i want to hopefully get to PO gunner ( thats the goal anyway ) so flunking it straight off wont effect me getting there will it? and this two tier system whats involved is it basics like adding ect and easy english within a time limit? would be really helpful to know as im shocking when it comes to maths but I'm alright at english.
  4. Not done it myself as it wasn't applicable to me but if it's like NAMET it's not a brain stretcher. Your ambition is to be PO gunner?

    I'd set your sights (pun intended) higher than that.

    Just for for info, as of this month you don't need to have GSCE (A -C) in English and A.N.Other to be qualified for WO1 anymore.

    Just to add, get the LANTERN out of the way at Raleigh, one less thing to think about when you're in the fleet.
  5. affect*

    Sorry, im getting used to being a Nazi for that on here after everyone does it to me!
  6. In that case it's I'm or I am
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Why not?

    Do you feel Raleigh sets out to deliberately misinform or withhold information?
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  8. Ninja, what happens if you already have level 2 key skills in Maths and English?
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    So far as I'm aware the Basic Skills test is undertaken by all those who don't hold GCSE Maths & English at grade C or better. It's not a pass/fail test, simply an assessment required by the government, not the Armed Forces. All it does is identify if further tuition is required during initial training.

    The LANTERN system is for promotion and unless you hold GCSE's, so far as I'm aware, is required to progress your career.

    Someone from Raleigh will hopefully be able to advise whether key skills are accepted in lieu of anything - I suspect it may not but would advise you take all educational qualification certificates with you when you join.
  10. Only Complete butt ******* idiots fail at Raleigh, if you can barely read, write, take your iPod into inappropriate situations, you'll make it into the fleet, where you can do untold damage to what was once a fine and professional navy. Don't worry about adding up and down (subtraction), I'm sure an over worked, demoralised, unappreciated Senior Rate will sort that doozy out for you.
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  11. I dont feel that way but im sure they miss out some off the things that go on? maybe make it sounds a little more friendly ect
  12. haha thanks
  13. Just another question, Im doing A levels atm, DT, Business, Geography and ICT... will any of these be useful for promotions or is it UCAS points that count ?
  14. Nope not at all, although it shows that you have academic ability, it will not aid at all in promotional prospects. Promotion is based on your professional ability compared to your peers, your all round attitude and your potential to enhance your career. You will already have to have the educational criteria in place to be nominated for promotion. I've met a few ABs highly over educated for their core role.
  15. haha i like the pun there, anything higher then PO gunner will be great! just that i hear it takes a while to get anyway in the warfare branch and id really like to go as AWW but you don't get to choose do u? you get put in where ur needed. id just like to be on a 30mm cannon or mini gun ect haha STC?
  16. You do put in your preference to which warfare sub branch you'd like to go. However yes sometimes you do get streamed for example as a Golly (EW) or Tazape (UW).

    This is changing slowly as the warfare branch is now almost full circle and heading to how it was when it was the Operations Branch (pre warfare title).

    It is easily possible to be selected for your LH rate within 2-3 years in the Warfare Branch. But that's down to the individual.
  17. OMM

    OMM War Hero

    As a ET(WE) are you limited to where you can serve or is it a pretty universal trade?

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  18. PO GUNNER :tshirt: your shitting me :???::???:: haĆ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas

    Oh shit my sides hurt thanks that the best I've read in ages
  19. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    ******* hell Mac, you really are becoming a bitter man:cussing:. I don't remember you WE's being too overworked on the sausage (or any ship for that matter, unless uckers counts as work of course).

  20. Now Now Bis give the cement heads a chance

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