What happens after training phases?


Just out of curiosity, when all of the training courses are completed, how are you selected or assigned to a ship? Do you get told straight away which ship you will work on or do you have to apply to work on various ships?
you can put a preference in.
but your first ship, you will get told usually. probably a few weeks before the end of your last phase of training
If you want to go submariner, you have to volunteer. Getting on to boats is far easier than getting back to General Service again.
if you are a volunteer from general service. Once you have completed 5 years in the SM service, you can go back

I know of people who have done this. The CO's tried to say no but there is little they can do. It is laid down in black and white in BR3. You would transfer back once you have a relief/end of your draft at the latest
What you say is 100% true Funky but it's still far easier to get on to boats than off them again, although you can't be stopped, you can be held up, the getting a relief part is the difficult part.


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Although there's a shortage in certain specialisations and branches within the Naval Service, I can confirm that recruiters neither receive extra pay nor praise if an applicant decides to join in a shortage category with a shorter wait to join.

For me, it's less hassle if the individual joins in their first preference as they are more likely to stay in that job.

Trouble is, there is a bunch of Zeitgeist conspiracy boneheads that think otherwise. What can you do?:cool:

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