What happens after phase 2 training, when can you get ?


I would like to know what happens after phase 2 training;
1. Can you get the chance to marry immediately after phase 2 training?
2. When can you get a married quarter?
3. How long will you be spending away from home and how often will you be home?
4. Which roles are mostly offshore?
5. When can you change a role?
6. If you are a commonwealth citizen, how often can you visit your home country?
I asked all this because my girlfriend is afraid it will take 3 to 5 years before we get married and she wants to leave me but I doubt.


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How far have you progressed through the application process, Brave? If you are a Commonwealth Citizen and haven't yet made a start on the process, you should be aware of the current timescales for applications from the Commonwealth.

PS Can you explain what you mean in Question 4?


PS Can you explain what you mean in Question 4?
I mean which roles mostly require you to always work on land and not on the ship or on the sea