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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Taloolah, May 24, 2011.

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  1. RonJeremy....?
    There was some drama about his posts ;did he reinvent himself as Mervin the Social Worker :glasses9:eek:r some such similar ilk and make a reappearance ?
  2. Ron is not mentioned in polite company.

    As this is a place where none is found we can just say there was a dispute between him and managment.
    Pity as he was as funny as fuck.
  3. I still pine for Ron, hoping that one day he will return and save us. He was the funniest poster RR has ever had. I weep with sadness daily.
  4. The real RJ was my absolute hero as a young man.....short fat and hairy with a huge schlong....he was exactly the same as me....well except for the important part....the first movie I saw him in was the porn classic 'The A (anal) Team'.... where in a magical scene he spends 5 minutes sat on a swing noshing himself off.....the man was/is a legend.
  5. :angel5: Ron Jeremy is a house father at Barnados[however its spelt], he washes tramps feet
    and is a lay preacher and missionary for the Brotherhood of the Extreem Plymouth Brethren.:angel7:

  6. It's a real joy to see he's gone on to such greatness.For a moment there youhad me worried that the BEPB stood for something to do with creche workers in the Plymouth area.....weep yeah not, fellow RR's, our loss is some porn site's gain.Oh, happy fladging for Krauts and Japs alike !

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