What happened to union street?

I'm sure everyone can recall a time where union street was like a matelot mecca, now it's more like a war zone. I remember going on draft when it was great, coming back from pompey 2 years later and it was arse! Who or what was responsible for this?
Whenever I'm in guzz I prefer the barbican for a few beers, especially in the warmer months. I felt a few years ago that Union Strasse was becoming shiterer and shiterer. Mind you, I always seem to end up in The Clipper for the last one or two of the evening.
Visited both the Straza and Queen Street within the past year. Hardly anything is recognisable in either from my service days ('52-'75). Only saw one person in uniform in Pompey - an officer nipping across from the Wardroom to RNB (Nelson), and no one at all in Guzz. The famous rows of pubs seem to have all been replaced by blocks of flats with a few dowdy shops spattered here and there. Mind you, the way things appear to be going, you'll soon be able to accommodate the whole of the RN in your average pub!

Very sad.

Last time I went down the Strasse for a few, a kind young man showed me the machette he had fixed (by the scabbard) to the inside of the drivers door of his nova, as I stumbled past.
Not been back since, its just not worth it.

Mutley is the up and coming area for matelots to stagger around.
slim said:
The Barbican and town centre.
Are we turning our lads into a bunch of horay Henry's?
Oi Oi, less of that Slim, I own a flat on the Barbican, nice place to live, if you are an expert with edged weapons :grin: The punch ups I have seen from my front room window are a sight to behold. :twisted:
Strangely enough I remember having the same conversation 17 years ago when I left Guzz, preferring the Barbican because Union Strasse was no more.

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