What happened to the CE branch?

As no one seems to want to answer my question on the Collingrad thread I'll start my own thread.
I joined the mob way back when the playground sorry paradeground at Collingrad had a circumferance of about ten miles had a drill shed in each corner, a plane at one end a sea boat opposite 4 mess had go karting on a Saturaday afternoon. A club called the ACE of Clubs alongside 3 mess etc etc.
Right the question. I went from JEMII to JEM1 to Em2 then EM1 to LEM then LCEM to POCEL then heaven forbid POWEM(O) and................
What happened to the CE branch. When the OMs came in to being what happened to the WEM(O)s and WEM(R)s?
I have been an EM, JCEM,CEM AND THEN IN 1979 in came Engineering Branch development(Sounds familar) then came the WEM(O)(R) MEM(L) to take over from EM O,C & R.

Finally the Welfare, sorry Warfare branch took all the manpower and were supposed to be maintainers HA HA. Strangely it did not work. As all were told at the time

There are many EM's still around although mostly LWEM,POWEM and CPOWEM, even a few WOWEM

And now we have Branch restructuring and we have ET(WE) doing exactly the same job as the EM's of the past, but we cannot call them EM's as that would be a step back :lol: :lol:
OK so nothing happened to the WEM(O) and WEM(R) branch but would did they do?
As a POCEL on boats (P&Os) I was the sonar maintainer I had to change sex to POWEM(O) and remained the sonar maintainer. So what does a POWEM(O) CPOWEM(O) do these days?
I went to bed a CEM, and woke up a WEM(O), complete with a bollocking from the Chief Elec, now CWEM(O) for not having the correct branch badge sewn on on my no. 8 shirt.

I find it interesting that a Pinky now has Internal Comms, as that was a POCEL's billet, which then became POWEM(O).

Basically, if you didn't go "Tiff" after Killicks course, your opportunities were severely limited.

The name Mechanician was discontinued in the mid 80s, it was all Tiffs after that.

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