What Happened to Cdo on the Front Line?


War Hero
spenny said:

Please see the change of scheduled viewing day/time to the above programme, as posted by the ITV press office.

Ep 4 Thur 11 Oct 10 pm ‘Tears and Fears’

Ep 5 Mon 15 Oct 10 pm ‘Enemy Contact’

Ep 6 Mon 22 Oct 10 pm ‘Operation Sparrowhawk’

Ep 7 Mon 29 Oct 10 pm ‘Assault at Dawn’

Ep 8 Mon 5 Nov 10 pm ‘Royal Marines – To Your Duties!’
Only found that out today ha ha. Watched it on youtube. Also saw that 55 year old commando one, massive BZ to chris terrill that's a legendary performance from anyone never mind a middle aged man!

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