What grips your sh*t............................

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Jenny_Dabber, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. Right, let’s have it lads and lasses!

    What really gets on your tits? What drives you crazy, makes you want to ram your neighbours grid against the wall!

    Don't hold back, this is Lil's, be straight talking, no Pleasantville gib, get stuck in there folks!

    LET IT FLOW into one big sack of sh*t!

    For one, my Land lady is an up tight, constant moaning [email protected]! Least her hubby knows the score, he never actually hears what I say, just happy to stand in front of me, says yes to everything I ask for! Already had my rent dropped by £40.00, wifey wasn’t happy, who gives a jack!
  2. Jenny Dabber, I do believe that you are very naughty provoking this sort of naughty thing. You should be reported to an administrator and the sooner the better. Tut friggin tut. Friviolity and personal views should not have to be put up with by the cleansed hoards of this site. Consider yourself chastised and stow it. Like wot you told me not long ago. :lol:
  3. Pet Hate

    Local councils-------council tax -fat cats in council offices doing naf all uncontactable cos they are always at meetings -day off -holiday Or the latest one on a retraining weekend at some five star hotel .

    Latest contest----emptying my wheelie bin -my farm road is a bit pot holed but passable ---council no empty bin cos road not suitable to bin lorry .

    Ongoing dialog ---heheh its not the bin lorry its the occupants--they might get jolted and strain themselves--part of the job hazard assessment -
    reply to that one was a bit unprintable -even for Rum ration :lol: :lol:

    Anyway all has been resolved--by not collecting at my place it fcuked up the daily collection route [think it was the bin men complained cos they used to park up for half hour after visiting me] and they are now collecting my bin .
    With their immaculate clean overalls and shiny shoes --
  4. wind your neck in lofty....................read the forum rules, anything goes in here :twisted: But I didn't.
  5. Greenie man, stop whinging. Youv'e never had it so good. My councilor told me. :lol:
  6. Who pulled your chain :lol: :lol:
  7. Anything goes, REALLY? Actually, it's short arse and not lofty, so sort your shit out shippers before you get so cocky. Tut friggin tut. :roll:
  8. Think his mum's been on the dog and bone :wink:
  9. Greenie shippers, I had a dump before I came on site, so NO I am not full of shit. Now go back to your corner and be a good ........... Greenie
  10. Yep, he jimmy nailed it!!
  11. Is that a phrase from the encyclopedia Britannica? I only ask because I thought I had heard everything before, but master bullshitters were way before my time. :lol:
  12. I take it that this is going to be another post that will get binned because someone in a position of authority won't like it? Yeah? :roll:
  13. Really? So what's been coming out your trap since you joined???

  14. Greyhounds, good dogs. We really like them up North. Nice to know some one on this site has similar likes Jenny, although, ah well .......... never mind. :lol:
  15. Nope but I will say.........get over it, every one else has :wink:
  16. What, you lost a dog? Devastating man. I feel for you. I know exactly where you are coming from man. Poor lass, you have my sympathy. Sorry I took the piss earlier on. It's just that I hadn't a clue man.
  17. SAILORS who DRIP all the time .... LOADS of these seem to use Rumration ???
  18. Who are you Percy? A Fcuking social worker or frigging Chaplain?
    You're like a septic arsehole, always dripping about what the lads and lassies say on here.
    Thats why we come here, for a moan and a laugh with those who understand us. Obviously, you don't. So FO.
    Do you need instruction on how to switch your computer off? FFS!
  19. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    RR you are missing the point here, He thinks He's funny, the fact that He is a minority of one won't change his opinion.
  20. "THE COUNTRYSIDE ALLIANCE" a cover organistaion for folk who feel than can shoot, trap, hack to death, set dogs onto anything that breathes and call is SPORT. Even synchronised swimming is closer to sport than that.


    OOOOOooooooooo I forgot to add the Sunday boy racers on their Honyamducatwaskisuki 1000Bladeninjaturtle go faster two wheeled death machines

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