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heres a rant for you.

been out tonight with work, was driving so only had the one pint. girl who ive been seeing for few weeks was also in town with her sisters.

around 11, i gets a txt message asking where i am, so tells her the name of the bar. next i gets a phonecall asking where the bar is and can she come up and meet us. both the texts an the phonecall have been nice and cheery, she was in a good mood and having a good time with her friends.

upon meeting her, shes got a face like thunder. i give a nice happy hello, introduce myself to her friend who also seems quite merry. but the bird looks mega miserable. i ask why, she says theres nothing wrong. i ask her friend, she says nothing has happened since our phonecall.

she then spends the next 45 minutes sitting in a bar looking miserable and giving me funny looks whenever i dare look at her. tried sitting with her, engaging her in conversation etc... and got single word answers or grunts.

dropped her and mate off at home, she did seem to perk up a bit in the car, but not much.

so heres my question, i am younger than most on here, and maybe not as wise in the ways of the lumpier sex. but what the fuck could possibly have happened between the happy-wanting-to-meet-up phonecall and actually meeting her?! what happened in her head to change her mood so drastically in the space of about 4 minutes? what the fuck!?!?!?

rant over.



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Women- can't live with them; can't live with them. Ditch the bitch and shag her mate. (It's because you were having a good time, by the way - women hate that...)
The un-answerable question I'm afreud . Like the weather, we have to adjust our sails for fair or rough . Regardless of that there is truly nothing like a good relationship between a man and a woman ,I know from experience .

Quote: The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is ''What does a woman want?''
Author: Sigmund Freud 1856-1939, Austrian Physician - Founder of Psychoanalysis


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Women - can't shoot 'em, can't live without 'em.

Ditto - bin her and go for the mate. Could always have a grudge fuck if she wants to get back with you.
Women and moods----heheh !!

She probably thought you were trying to avoid her by going off to work and then going for a wet by yourself. Probably thought you should've texted her when you finished work aswell.

Dropping her off with her mate was another bad move--you should've took her pal home then stayed with her a while.

:nemo: :nemo:


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normally would have agreed, but theyd had already made plans that the mate would stay at birds.

it did cross my mind to produce the bottle of johnsons baby oil i keep under the car seat (just in case of emergencies) and suggest some three directional fun....but thought better of it...
Look, just send her a text to see if she's still awake - if she's not and you wake her up she'll be even more pissy.

If she is awake, go back to hers, have a threesome with her and her mate

Bingo - smile on everyone face !
maybe she was not happy that you were having a good time...
maybe she wanted you to be sad and lonely.....
maybe she wanted you to grovel at her feet when you saw her..
maybe shes just a moody b***h
maybe she was having a c**p time and was surprised to see you having fun with the lads

Do her and her mate up the gary glitter that way at least you know why they have a face like a bulldog licking piss off of stinging nettles!!

failing that ditch her, waste of space most of them anyway
Mate ask her once what was the matter.If she says the usual ''nothing'' then just crack on.If she persists in being moody tell to grow up and to call you when she has.Women think that they are clever and that us blokes are thick.How wrong they are. You sound like a good lad.Your too young to be messed about by female childish antics. Let her know that, of course re-word it but basically thats your message.


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im liking deeps advice, cant really be arsed with messing about. we'l see what shes like this aft, but to be honest, im rapidly losing interest...
You answered your own question mate :)
Firstly She had to text YOU!
Then, to top it off, she had to phone YOU and then travel to YOU to meet.

Upon receiving the first text, alarm bells should've rung loud and clear.
You should have rang her straight away and told her you'd been looking all over for her because its not a good night out without her there, and could you please go and meet her etc etc blah blah.
Then she would have been happy, because you are doing all the running and chasing.
As it was, she had to do all the chasing, which her mate obviously found quite funny ;) which is why she was thunderous yet her mate was happy :)
Perhaps it had nothing to do with you Benny - if it was a bloke you would probably just ignore it. You don't know what rubbish her mate/sister (which was it) said before you met the mate could be jealous and have said something to try and make her feel insecure. Girls can be total bitches.

My advice for what its worth is to ignore it - women get moody and so do men (often alcohol induced)

good luck anyway :whew:
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