what ever happened to the D23

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Carrolannabelle, Mar 10, 2009.

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  1. just a quick query me and my mate were talking about the new type 45s and D32 and then wondered what has happend to the d23 why is it the only one of its class. We know most others have a few others in its class like HMS Daring is the first of its class. So why werent there more of them?
  2. Not sure how correct this info is but here's what is says on Wiki

  3. the type 82s i think you mean. my old man said it was something to do with cuts in the defence budget....surprise surprise.
  4. When they cancelled CVA01 and her sisters there was no further need for the D82's…

    Oh how history repeats.
  5. Yeah thats the ones we are on about and i dnt really trust wiki to be acurate lol.
  6. Although I was a bubblehead most of my career Wiki seems to have got it right in respect to Bristol. Standing by to be corrected.

    As an aside, I did SPO managers course on Bristol, it was ace... a submariner running round a skimmer armed with an SA80 (blanks unfortunately) searching for baddies and blasting away 8)
  7. thanks for you you help guys.
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    My first ship (87-89); one which I will have the fondest memories. Great Ship's Company, great deployments... :wink:
  9. As has been pointed out, the defence cuts meant that the planned carriers were never delivered rendering that class of destroyer useless. BRISTOL had already been rolled out by that point though.

    In later days however, BRISTOL was used fairly extensively as a test bed, getting gucci bits of new equipment, and modelling new technologies.

    Now obviously she's a training and accommodation ship maintained by VT and used primarily by the SCC and the CCF. Other groups also utilise the ship including the URNUs and also potential officers who are on aquaint courses. I believe training exercises occur every so often as well.
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    However, when the Labour Govt cancelled CVA01, there was a sweetener announcement that there were going to be eight Bristols 'instead'. Of course (a) there weren't and (b) without her own helicopter the ship was functionally useless (although I have no doubt ishe did what she did do well enough, and got Sea Dart to sea [long after the threat from high-level attack, which sea Dart was designed for, had been overtaken by sea-skimmers]).
  11. hmm thanx for all the interesting info guys.
  12. I joined BRISTOL just after the big fire and she was a great ship to be on as she was unique in so many ways. Only ship in the RN with 3 funnels for a start! She had a swimming pool too! In fact, I got my hook on there too! Used to loaf, sorry, work intently on the 992 platform - top of the rear mast -it was so high that you had plenty of warning of anybody climbing up!

    Still, it's nice to see the old girl being used rather than shaving with her!
  13. My first ship in 79 great jollies to the states particularly Wilmington, on there when it had the swimming pool, also loafed up top of mainmast.
  14. Wasn't the "swimming pool" originally a weapon system which was removed elaving empty space which was utilisd?!
  15. If I remember correctly it was the mortar well.

  16. I served in HMS Bristol 1973 - 75. As originally constructed she was to have been the first of class to act as guardship to the new generation of aircraft carriers. The carriers were cancelled and so were the 7 other ships of the class. Bristol was kept mainly to be a test bed for a number of new systems that would be used on other ships including Seadart, Ikara, 4.5 Mk 8 Gun, AS Mortar Mk 10 Mod 1 (different handling room kit than the Mortar Mk 10 on earlier frigates), 909 Radar and the ADAWS computer system. The reason that no hanger was fitted is because the carrier would have embarked the ships flight, not the ship itself.

    When I left her all the systems that were installed at build were still operational but she did have a "swimming pool". It was a large steel tank forward of the bridge where the fenders were stored. More of a paddling pool really but hey, why spoil a good dit.

    The flight deck had a hydraulic section which closed off part of the mortar well when flying.

    Happy days

  17. Same mess as the REA echo his statements, even with the worlds most horrible LCEM as LHOM and mess square pits
  18. The swimming pool was in the mortar well after the mortars were removed in '79 all openings sealed up then given a coat of lightblue paint gave the rover gas turbine emergency pump a good run
  19. If I remember correctly, the swimming pool was the idea of the MEO, tall thin chap, don't know what the Stokers thought of him but general consensus in our neck of the woods was that he was a good egg, Cdr Palmer?

    Bristol was my first and last ship, though the first draft (77 - 80) counted as some of the best time I spent in the mob. Second time (88) we were both a bit frayed around the edges .....
  20. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Quantum: Was on there in '88; what were you? I was a baby TAS Ape, down 3Q Zoo... crackin Windies/States deployment!


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