what draws you to Diamond Lils

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. :D Got a boring civvie job fcuking hate them!!! love having the piss taken out of me, great place to swear be un PC and wish to fcuk I was 21 again.
    Don't believe in god he's a tw*t unless there's a job Change and Monty or CP are made DEPCO :lol:
  2. What draws me to Diamond Lils?

    Not you, you cnut :D

    Happy New Year
  3. What draws me to diamond lils?.........oh to be back in the seventies my cap askew, staggering along union street and at peace with the world because i was a matelot.......totally patriotic, un-pc and without a care in the world; I'm 51 now and miss those days with all my heart; England had a navy, an army and an air force and a government that wasn't shit scared all the time.
  4. Its the only place i can have and give the banter with out being called a rapist, murder, sex pestetc etc. Civies just will never understand the banter.
  5. You are a Rapist, murder, sex pest Daffy! :D
  6. so true daffy
  7. Look at my avatar, it speaks for its self, not one person have commented anything bad on it.
  8. To meet the snaggy cnuts that did the RN proud ;)
  9. Grooming kids
  10. :D And their mothers
  11. :evil: I could not put it better. Although in my case transfer the era to the 1950s when I was fcuking invincible., and the location to Pompy. Faded collar cap a size to large to hide the Tony Curtis ans D.A. hair style. A locker for civvies in the Traff club and not a care in the world 8) I liked up the line, runs ashore, duty frees , bonking foreign women, it was the bits in between that I was not too keen on. Always been non P.C. but not very patriotic . 8)
  12. Obviously, how do you do it? 8O :D
  13. The chance of a non-PC bloody good laugh.
  14. Don't be so fcukin stupid Stix, there's no crabs and not that many pongo's that you are going to mix with scumbags on here.
    Just lots of sailors. :wink: :roll: :D
  15. It was a clapped out Cortina Mk2 masquerading as a taxi last time I went, but that was a long time ago :lol:
  16. Yeah and its a good job we don't understand a fcukin thing your accusing us of or else my mum would soon come around your house and slap you :roll: :wink: :D :D
  17. Back on topic, the reason I come to Diamond lil's?

    Well its obvious, the silver tongue smooth and pleasant repartee with civilised and like minded people.

    Now stop asking stupid questions you poxed up cross eyed, bum banging bitch. :D :wink:
  18. I like the reasoned debate and rounded nature of it's members.
  19. Get fucked you unwashed homo.
  20. Life's not easy when you've standards.

    We should shove somthing large and sharp up his sh1t locker :twisted: 8O

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